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We’re excited to release our latest tool to scan plagiarism for the education world. As a teacher or professor, checking for plagiarism in your students’ work shouldn’t be a tedious task. We’ve taken

North Korea’s threats are not the only risk Sony Corporation has to deal with because of the movie “The Interview”. Another threat comes from the K-pop singer Yoon Mi-rae, who claims that

The United States Army War College revoked senator John Walsh’s Master’s degree in Strategic Studies for plagiarizing parts of his final research paper in 2007. An academic review board checked the paper after

What is DMCA Takedown?

Your online content, whether it is a picture, blog, video, audio or graphics, can be easily copied and used inappropriately without your permission. If copyright infringement took place, you can formally request

“True Detective”, one of the most talked about shows of the year, lost out on all the main categories it was nominated for in the 2014 Emmy Awards, including Best Actor for

er, a British nature photographer, and Wikimedia, owners of Wikipedia. The dispute is around the copyrights to a selfie taken by a monkey using Slater’s camera.