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When your teacher assigns you to do a research project, you need to start as early as possible. Writing research papers involves going through various resources based on a certain topic.

You need to gather literature to provide evidence in your paper to make it more credible. But even if you use previously established facts and ideas, you should make sure that your paper is completely original. To do this, you need to perform a plagiarism check. This is a necessary part of research writing. 

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the practice of using ideas or words of another person (like a researcher or an author) in your own work. Whether intentional or not, plagiarism is strictly considered unethical. In some cases, you can also end up plagiarizing your own work if you used the same content from an existing piece you have written. Citing your resources and giving credit to the original authors are very effective ways to avoid plagiarism. 

In the academic world (like in your school), plagiarism is a very serious intellectual and academic offense. If you ever get caught plagiarizing another person’s work when assigned written coursework, you will have to face some serious consequences. Therefore, as a student researcher, it’s important for you to understand what plagiarism really means and the significance of including plagiarism checking in your writing process. 

While it is much easier and faster to copy and paste content directly on your paper, the consequences you will face because of this practice won’t be worth it. So you should avoid plagiarism at all costs.

Why should you avoid plagiarism?

When it comes to academic work, plagiarism is one of the most severe forms of misconduct. Doing this will have a very strong negative impact on your reputation as a student. Plagiarized research projects and any other written works hinder the academic process. Simply copying content from another person doesn’t help you learn. In fact, it just makes you rely on other people instead of yourself.

You should avoid plagiarism at all costs. Researching is an important process where you aim to prove (or disprove) a concept by finding evidence. Since there are countless resources you can use, you need to compare all of these to understand your concept completely. 

If you simply copy the results of the first study you find without delving deeper into the subject, you might even end up giving wrong results while getting accused of plagiarizing. It’s important to understand that plagiarism isn’t something that you can hide from your teachers. And once they catch you in the act, there will be no turning back. Unfortunately, despite all the warnings given by teachers, some students still try to get away with submitting plagiarized research papers. 

Taking the easy way out is not a good price to pay for your reputation. Once you get branded as a plagiarizer at school or in the professional world, it will be very difficult for you to reverse this perception of yourself. 

Education help with your academic needs

You need to avoid plagiarism at all costs when writing a research paper. You must include checking for plagiarism in your research writing process. This is very important, especially since you will get many writing assignments throughout your college education. Writix is a brilliant essay writing service in the UK that provides support for students worldwide. If you need any help with writing research papers and other written works, you can reach out to one of their professional writers. 

Teachers can spot plagiarism easily

Although plagiarism is very tricky, you should remember that your teachers will spot this easily. It is a teacher’s job to check the written works of students both for correctness (which means you followed all of your teacher’s requirements) and originality. Copying text from different sources and pasting them directly into your work isn’t the right way to complete a research paper. Doing this without citing the original sources will get you in a lot of trouble.

Some students do this out of naivety but if they get caught, it will be very challenging to prove that it wasn’t their intention. Instead of copying and pasting, you must do your research. Read different sources until you get a good grasp of the concept you’re writing about. Then you can compose your written work using your own words or ideas. If there are some ideas that you cannot change, you may include them too. Just make sure to cite your sources correctly so your teacher won’t flag them as plagiarized content.

What are the consequences of plagiarism?

Most universities include research papers in their curriculums to reinforce students’ learning. Research in Canadian education is a big deal and if you get an assignment like this, you must make sure that it doesn’t contain any plagiarized content. If you ever submit a research project or any written homework with plagiarized content – intentional or not – your teacher and the administration of your school will take action against you.

Plagiarism can have dire consequences on you. As a student, the most severe punishment you might get is either expulsion or failing the course. You don’t want this to happen, especially if you didn’t mean to plagiarize. In the case of unintentional plagiarism, you can always appeal to your teacher. You need to provide evidence that you didn’t intentionally plagiarize another person’s work. Then you might have to redo the assignment, this time being more careful to ensure originality.

The benefit of using a plagiarism checker

Imagine how frustrating it would be if you poured a lot of time and effort into a research paper only to receive a low grade because of plagiarized content. Even if it wasn’t on purpose, you would still have to face the consequences.

While there are many ways to avoid plagiarism, one of the best things you can do to secure good grades is to use an online plagiarism checker. This is a very special tool where you simply upload your paper and run the scanner. The plagiarism checker will scan your work and compare it to all other works found online. It’s a very simple tool that helps you avoid plagiarism by showing you any content in your work that can get flagged as plagiarized content. 

Use a plagiarism checker to avoid any issues

Since plagiarism checking is crucial when writing research projects, you should always use a plagiarism checker to avoid any issues. Copyleaks for students is an excellent choice when you need to check your work. Its plagiarism checker is a very valuable tool that you can use to compare your written work to other works online. After running the plagiarism scan, you will receive a plagiarism percentage that shows any content similar to existing works.

In this case, you can either remove those duplicated phrases or sentences. Or you can even cite them properly to avoid any confusion. In some cases, you might see paraphrased content or mosaic plagiarism, which you also need to either change, remove, or cite. 

Copyleaks is an online checker for plagiarism that identifies summarized and paraphrased parts of your content too. Using this checker will make you feel more confident with your work. Since it also works quickly, you can save a lot of time while checking your work for originality.


Plagiarism isn’t something you should take lightly. But sometimes, it happens anyway, even if it wasn’t your intention. This is why it’s important to do a plagiarism check before submitting your work. Do this for research projects and any other written works you create.

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