How plagiarism detection helps your company

There are many reasons why stealing words from another person is wrong, some more obvious than others. But aside from ethical reasons, there are other ways duplicate content can harm your work. Read on to find out why:

SEO Algorithms:

With Google algorithms constantly changing, it’s important to understand which search terms will be the best for your website. If someone has stolen content from your site, this will change how high up your website will appear. Directing traffic to a competitor is the easiest way to lose followers and in turn, money.

New Freelancers:

When hiring outside agents, it’s hard to know someone’s work when they are writing on behalf of your company for the first time. While you may provide training for your employees, freelancers and contracted workers may not adhere to the same rules. Always scan for plagiarism in their work before you publish it on your site.

Speech Writers:

A few months ago, Melania Trump broke the internet for what may be one of the biggest plagiarism scandals ever. During the 2016 Republican National Convention, Melania’s speech included passages from a speech Michelle Obama had previously given. When Jarrett Hill heard the speech, he recognized the phrases from the First Lady immediately. Speech writers need to be careful that inspiration shouldn’t be swapped for plagiarism.

Research Journal Publishers

Research is conducted on the basis that facts are being provided and new research is taking place. If a researcher takes claims from someone else, their research is no longer valid. Editors and publishers have to go to great lengths to assure the work in their journals is new. Scanning for plagiarism lessens this feat in a major way.

Information Leaks

Data leaks are the new threat to all kinds of companies. From Sony to Yahoo, Target to AshleyMadison, our information seems to be more and more at risk of being stolen and shown to the wrong eyes. A routine scan of your content through the internet will let you know first if your content is somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Before publishing something to your site, be sure to check your content is original. Try Copyleaks for Businesses and our API today.

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