A revamped and redesigned Copyleaks to take your experience to the next level!

Copyleaks has revamped and redesigned everything!

We’re excited to share that after months of listening to your feedback, testing, and hard work, we’ve finally launched the latest version of our site. Of course, we’re still giving you the best plagiarism detection capabilities, powered by AI, and have added a few new bells and whistles that we know you’re going to find helpful! 

You asked, and we’ve delivered. So what’s changing?

  • Download PDF Reports: After running a plagiarism scan and seeing the results for yourself, you now have the ability to download the report that includes the aggregate plagiarism score, highlighted similar text, and more!
  • Integrate with Your School LMS: We’re now offering LTI integrations for Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and Brightspace. Checking plagiarism for your whole district, school, or department just got even more seamless! 
  • Scan a Sitemap: Instead of adding specific URL webpages, you can now upload a whole sitemap that will scan all individual pages within your site
  • Easily Upgrade Your Plan: If you’re doing more scans during the month than you planned for, you can now upgrade your plan the moment you need to 
  • Purchase a Yearly Plan: If you know ahead of time how many pages you’re planning on scanning, go ahead and purchase the pages upfront, with extra savings too!
  • Create Folders: Keep track of your student’s work, published content for clients, and more with your own organized folders
  • Faster Scans: We’ve optimized our system to allow your scans to get results even faster!
  • Updated Storage and Filter Settings: You can now choose if you would like to store and compare your content against our internal database for each individual scan. Select if you want to include references, quotes, and conduct a safe search with our newest filter settings.  
  • Credits Are Now Pages: We’ve updated our terminology to make sure we’re all on the same page 😉

Want to learn more about what’s changed? Read here: Copyleaks Takes on a New Look (and a New Tool!)

Automated Grading: We’re extremely excited to introduce a recently launched tool that is able to grade written exams in high volumes. Cut time and save resources with our newest product, GradeOn!

Visit the Copyleaks Grading Tool, GradeON to learn more today.

Check out your account today and see how we’ve made your Copyleaks experience even better! 

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