Sentence Checker: Check Plagiarism in Your Research Journals in No Time

Why You Need a Sentence Checker

A sentence checker, or a plagiarism checker for research journals, helps to check the percentage of duplicate content in a research journal. Thus, saving the researcher from academic loss of the year, and reputation, as plagiarized content can harm both.

Hence, a sentence checker or a plagiarism checker turns out to be very useful in this case. In modern days most students spend time manipulating other’s work than creating one’s own. A duplicate content checker, backed by sophisticated technology, ensures that students or researchers can’t find any loophole to submit someone else’s hard work as one’s own.

Why Should Researchers Fear Plagiarism?

Researchers are familiar with the term ‘plagiarism’ which means stealing someone’s art or literary work. People who are involved in various research works often face this problem. Not only research scholars but also journalists, writers, bloggers, or people associated with any art and literary work suffer equally in some aspects. 

Nowadays, it has become a significant problem that one’s writing or art is published in another’s name. It not only deprives the writer of getting the respect he deserves, but it also plays a significant role in breaking his confidence.

It is an offensive act, and it is considered academic dishonesty and a violation of journalistic ethics. A plagiarist can be punished under copyright infringement and a violation of moral rights. 

How Does Plagiarism Occur?

Plagiarism can occur in a variety of ways.

  1. The first type that can be mentioned is Direct Plagiarism means that someone’s writing, idea, or notion is intentionally published without mentioning any specific source or author’s name. Sometimes someone’s entire manuscript or research paper gets stolen without his/her knowledge.
  1. Sometimes, an article published on a blog or a site is published by another site without the site owner’s permission. Nowadays, copyright infringement has become a prevalent problem in virtual platforms.
  1. Sometimes plagiarism happens without the knowledge of the author himself/herself. In this case, the research scholars unknowingly use some terms or phrases or imitate an author’s narrative style, which later falls under plagiarism.
  1. Sometimes the author collects data from a research theory and paraphrases in the report without mentioning the source or the name of the site. It is also a punishable offense.

How Can We Avoid This Plagiarism?

We can avoid plagiarism by using a Sentence Checker before submitting the contents or research papers

Sentence checkers help to detect plagiarism in content, and it checks the other writing issues. It is beneficial for Research journals to correct spelling errors, punctuation errors, and grammatical errors. Microsoft spell checker is also handy to rectify the spelling mistakes. 

How to Create Original Content?

Every freelance writer is asked to write content that is unique and original. But due to the massive quantity of content that is continuously created and posted on the virtual medium, it becomes difficult to detect a piece of the original. When the same content is featured in multiple places, Google chooses to show the most relevant option out of the same results.

To make original content, a writer needs to be more careful in constructing new sentences, and he or she must project new ideas. Grammar checking application is quite useful to remove grammatical errors from the contents, but a plagiarism checker or sentence checker is very much needed to make original content.

Why Is a Sentence Checker Essential?

In the virtual media, the reach of content depends on its uniqueness and originality. The virtual world likes fresh and useful content. The SEO audit increases the content quality to a great extent.

That is why plagiarism detection is essential before publishing any content. Grammatical errors and errors in Sentence structure are the main obstacles in getting a high rank of content.

For this, writers can use some online grammar checker applications to get error-free content. Sometimes Google penalizes the original site because of duplicate content floating on the web. So, after writing your research paper, check the plagiarism of your research work by using a trusted Sentence Checker.

It will help the writer to know about the originality of their work—the chance of the paper getting selected increases if the author keeps their paper’s originality high.

One can find hundreds of Sentence Checker on the web. Most of them are not premium in mode, but they may charge a little for some extra services or more number of papers in some cases.

To maintain the SEO rank, start using the Sentence checker or plagiarism checker app and publish a research works or articles as a unique and original one. Copyleaks is a recommended plagiarism detection tool that one can use without fear and get the best result.

Why Should You Choose Copyleaks?

If you want to get an accurate and AI-based anti-plagiarism checker, go for the Copyleaks plagiarism checker. It will help you to present a unique and original research work with a pocket-friendly budget.

One of the most notable features of this software is that it works not only for the English language. It also works for 100+ local dialects.

Writers also find it useful to check their writings or thesis, keeping this in mind that if they are getting misused somewhere or not. Copyleaks cross-checks content against all relatable materials that are floating on the web.

The process of using this software is straightforward. You can easily find the app by searching its name in the Playstore. You can install this app on your cell phone, and the first thing you have to do is sign up with your name, email id, and other necessary details.

Only you will get your API- key, and after logging in by this API-key, you will be allowed to scan your results. This cloud-based plagiarism checker helps the students, writers, publishers, content creators, and bloggers get a very accurate, fast, and updated result.

Now it is clear to you all that copying any others’ text and using it on your page will lower down your page’s rank and quality, and you might be charged for copyright infringement.


The best and safest way to reach your page is to create original contains for which you need a plagiarism checker. So, why delay? Download the app now and start creating your plagiarism-free theories and articles.

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