SEO and Plagiarism

Know About Duplicate Contents and SEO Plagiarism Checkers

With the advent of globalization worldwide usage of the internet has reached its peak. Every little thing is available online. But an original and the unique content based website gets the priority in the search engine rankings. 

It is an awful practice if one copies from another person’s content without giving them due credit by citing their work, which is desirable. Plagiarism does not always mean copying a sentence from another’s work, even copying a word sometimes matter. 

There are plenty of articles on the same topic available online. But, if the content is original, not copied from anywhere, the search engine operation i.e., SEO, shows it in the topmost priority.

Plagiarism Is Not Always Intentional

As many types of writing are available in today’s world, starting from articles, blogs, books to academic papers, the content creators need to take help from different websites. As they go through different contents, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, they copy other’s used sentences or a paragraph. 

However, it is absolutely a wrong thing to do as it violates the copyright of the original authors. Even sometimes people change their sentences from the copied texts, by seeking help from the varied kinds of paraphrasing tools, those are there. It is also a very wrong thing to do. 

It is More than Just Being Ethical

One cannot claim it their work by copying and changing some of the words of an already published work. Moreover, apart from the morality part, the Google algorithm or the other search algorithm can quickly identify and distinguish between a copied content an original content. 

They calculate duplicate content issues through SEO and identify the copyright offender and, if needed, seek severe duplicate content penalty from the content creators. Thus, it is necessary to review and recheck the content with an SEO plagiarism checker. 

For an academic paper, it is destructive if someone’s content has duplicate texts. Research papers always demand unique ideas or arguments. Before publishing one’s work, editors should do their work accurately, so that the content remains plagiarism-free.

 If anyone wants to verify their work, they can easily access to some plagiarism checker software online. Those are plagiarism detection software for copied contents. Whether it is one’s research paper or the book or a company website, it does not matter as the paid or free plagiarism checkers help to identify the controversial parts and help in saving the company’s reputation and acceptability in the market.

Google Panda Algorithm Update

It has become even more essential to come up with plagiarized free content or text because of the recently made changes that Google has come up with—the Google Panda update or the Google Panda Algorithm Update, whatever, one may call it. 

The particular update ensures that only high-quality content is there at the topmost position, and the low-quality gets a lousy ranking in the search engines.

Google has come up with the panda update to ensure that the readers get to read-only something that is of very high quality. Thus, with the introduction of this particular update, it has now become essential to come up with error-free, non-plagiarized contents. 

With the introduction of this algorithm update, things have become challenging for the content creators, especially for those working for an organization. As the success of the organization often depends on the number of the visitor or the amount of traffic it’s having per day. Thus, before uploading content on a site the writer has to be careful.

Turn Passion into Profession, But Ethically

In today’s world, many organizations or companies are recruiting people for content creation. Some even work as freelance writers. To create content in a hurry, some people unknowingly plagiarise from other’s work. If company owners take help from this software, they can easily upgrade their content, and it can quickly get listed as high priority content in search engines. 

Writing is a very noble profession as it requires a great passion for it. Many people are turning their passion into profession these days by expressing their views, ideas, or experiences through different types of writings, like blogs, articles, and even though the academic paper. 

Whatever is the medium, uniqueness, and authenticity always catches the eyes of the readers or the publishers for that matter. 

Only this exclusivity matters. However, if someone unknowingly, without paraphrasing the original writer or citing the writer’s work, uses it in their work, not only their work loses its value but also is a punishable offense.

Academicians Have to Deal With Severe Duplicate Content Penalty

Sometimes, mostly in case of academic papers, if one’s work gets published already, without their permission, one can check it by using some of the recommended keywords. And, if it gets stolen, then they can take action.

Also, not only original ideas, viewpoints, or contents are appreciated; keeping one’s style of writing is commendable. Stealing someone’s style of writing is not desirable. Readers can quickly identify and distinguish unique styles of writing; they can also identify if there is any similarity between different author’s works.

If one wants to highlight their content in search engine operation and want more followers and acknowledgments from readers, they need to keep in mind some of the factors apart from writing authentic content. 

Some of the essential aspects of any widely acknowledged works are:

  • The writer has done extensive research on that specific topic.
  • The author has used relevant and valuable keywords in their text. Too much or too little usage of keywords is not desirable.
  • The writer should create the content in a manner so that the keywords get used naturally and synchronize with the flow of the writing.
  • The writer can use references. It can be a website link or a book if they have permission to do that.
  • The content creator should use social media as it has a broad reach among the readers.

SEO Tools, Plagiarism Checkers are Important for Contents

The SEO tools help detect duplicate contents. The procedure they follow is the first scan of the content and then based on the recommended keywords and SEO content checkers show the SEO score and what effects it has on the content. 

The content testing tools contain varied different kinds of tools, such as the SEO Tools, plagiarism checkers, and even the grammar checking tools. SEMrush is one of the SEO tools that companies can use to create high-quality content.

Based on this, the content creators can use some add-ons to boost their content to get a higher SEO ranking. Every company gets affected if their work is considered copied, and their work goes unnoticed in search engines.

Plagiarism is Increasing in the Modern World

Modern days are providing content and information on various topics through the internet in a considerable manner, which is highly appreciated, but on the flip side, the numbers of plagiarized contents are also very high. Plagiarism detectors not only identify the copied contents but also help the content writers identify grammatical errors. 

The Role Played by the Plagiarism Checkers are Very Significant

The plagiarism detecting tools also identify the percentage of copied content. These things give a clear understanding of the content writers about their work and help them improve their work. 

There are plenty of plagiarism tools available on the market. Not only the big companies or writers can get hold of these plagiarism checkers, but students can also access to these tools as they are readily available on the internet. 

Students use free online plagiarism checks for academic purposes while writing papers. Whereas the publishers, SEO companies use it for checking manuscripts or content before publishing it online to get rid of duplicity and create authentic content to get a higher ranking in SEOs than their peers.

One can use the plagiarism checkers on mobile apps, MS words, and others. They can help the writers identify the similarity of content between them and their peers. To avoid plagiarism, one should always cite the author or the website link they have taken help to write their piece of work. 

However, some of the known plagiarism checking tools are only accessible by the universities and big companies free of cost. Students do not get access to them as they try to misuse it, and their fundamental understanding and creativity get hampered by quickly scanning their contents to be plagiarism-free.

Copyleaks—an Important Duplicate Content Checker

The software scans the content thoroughly, and then it compares the work with the available online content. Then they highlight the passages, numbers, and links which have copied content from some other documents. 

In this way, one can easily understand their mistakes and make the desired correction by changing the content. If someone is unsure about their work that is being copied by other rival websites or companies for that matter, they can quickly identify that through the plagiarism detection software and protect their exclusive writing.


Thus, the writers should be passionate about their work and should come up with exclusive write-ups. They can get influenced by various other writers, but they should not copy other’s works. Not only that is unethical, but the copyright of work also gets violated. The content creator should try to write content on their own and must get hold of any of the content testing tools to recheck and review the work before it gets published online. The authenticity of the content not only give the company high search engine ranking but also catch the readers eyes and get well appreciated.

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