SEO Content: How to Find Hidden Characters in Text Files?

Plagiarism is an everlasting problem for all writers. Over the past few years, people have tried various methods to stop plagiarism; however, it did not take long for plagiarists to take a different route to sneak some copied content into their paper. Today it has become a lot more common for people, especially students to lose their credit points because of plagiarism. Moreover, there are also other methods to plagiarize content without being caught by plagiarism checkers. Therefore, knowing how to find hidden characters in a text file can help an individual in finding out plagiarized content.

Things to Keep in Mind to Keep Plagiarism at Bay

With the technology that we have access today, it is much easier to detect plagiarism. There is a plethora of plagiarism checkers on the Internet, and most of them offer services for free. However, duplicate checkers are not the only thing which could help you avoid plagiarism. Here are a few things that you must know in order to avoid plagiarism:

  1. Citations: Citations are mandatory that you need to provide them if you have referred another author’s work. There are various styles of citations, and the style you use will usually depend on the subject or the topic of your paper. For instance, the most commonly used APA citation style is usually used in papers related to sciences and social sciences. Therefore, before fixing a certain style, try getting some advice from your peers and your professors.
  2. What Plagiarism Checkers Should One Use? Currently, plagiarists are using various ways to prevent their content from being marked for duplication. They use special characters and hidden charactersin between texts thus, faking the originality of the content. Any ordinary plagiarism scanner will fail to find these cheats, but with the help of a cheat detection feature, one can easily find out that the foreign symbols and white characters in the articles.
  3. Understanding When to Document Your References: Though citations are important, there are certain exemptions to this rule. For example, if the content you write is a commonly known fact, you need not document your references. The facts such as “water freezes at zero degree” and “air contains oxygen” are all well-known facts and thus, need not be cited.

However, one must also keep in mind that certain facts are considered common knowledge to a certain community or country. As an example, take the national bird of US. It is common knowledge for people from the US that the national bird is a bald eagle, but the same cannot be said for people from other parts of the world. Therefore, a writer must consider to whom he or she is writing to.

How Can Cheat Detection Software Help in Avoiding Plagiarism?

The cheat detection tools have the ability to find out various hidden characters in a text file. Before you understand how these tools do it, you need to know about the different methods people use for cheating. Some common methods of cheating involve the use of “white characters”, as well as foreign symbols words. The main objective of using these characters in text is to break the pattern thus, making regular plagiarism checkers not suitable for identifying plagiarism.

The cheat detection software is an AI-based tool, which has the ability to find out hidden characters and symbols, and prompt the user about their presence. Moreover, the text localization feature also helps the users by allowing them to scan physical copies of the document. It can help teachers and professors a lot as the assignments submitted by students are usually hard copies, and having a way to efficiently scan for copied content can be a great help.

Apart from cheat detection and text localization, the software can also scan for the slightest similarities between webpages. Furthermore, the tool can identify duplicate content between text translated from other languages. In short, we can say that the tool is a one-stop solution for all your content-checking needs.

Recognizing Plagiarized Text Using Online Software

Now that you know what the modern tools can do, it is important that you learn how to use them to your advantage. The duplicate content checker tools have some amazing features, and using them is considerably easy. Every tool and option that you would ever need is given right at the start, and all you have to do is to click on the one you need. After it has navigated you to the specific tool, you will find an interface consisting of a text box with a few options on its right-hand side.

This is the place where you will input your file or text. The option window has various useful options that lets you ignore certain words, toggle cheat detects, and change various sources. Copy and paste your text in the text box and click on scan to proceed. The tool will scan the text and provide you with a structured report consisting of the percentage of plagiarized content and the URL of websites from which it has been copied. Using this report, you can easily make correction to the document, if necessary. If there are any cheats detected in the text, the tool will notify and also highlight wherever there is a hidden character. Moreover, copied text are highlighted in different colors based on the type of plagiarism. Plagiarism, as most people know, is not a recently developed threat. It has been around for quite a while; however, the methods and strategies used have been evolved lately. From copying and pasting the exact content, it evolved to paraphrasing and rewording, and then to the methods we know today. This is why we must know how to find hidden characters in text file in order to keep plagiarism at bay.

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