Social Media Copyright: How Does It Work in the Online World?

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Social media is highly prevalent in the present scenario. The virtual platform is teeming with users sharing music, images, and videos through their social accounts. Creative work is often shared on social media to gain attention.

Social media copyright usually takes a backseat because the number of likes and followers has become quite important in today’s world for social media users. More people invest their time to increase followers’ count and make posts trend on the social media platform.

However, it is essential to understand social media copyright infringement’s importance to protect creative ideas or works from getting stolen by others. It is essential to understand social media copyright’s meaning to protect intellectual property from getting used commercially without permission.

A person’s original posts on his/her social media page get protection by the copyright act. People cannot use the work until it is allowed by the user. The share button present for forwarding the post can be disabled by the user to protect the work.

However, even if the share option is allowed still, it is better to credit the author before sharing the post. Copy-pasting of posts is not permitted until the social media post mentions that.

How to Protect Social Media Content From Copyright Infringement?

There is a massive misconception that public posts on social media are free to use without permission. This misconception gets fueled by the fact that social media platforms are in the public domain. People sometimes commit social media copyright infringement without even realizing it.

In this era, where the overpowering presence of a virtual world is more than palpable, the instances of people sharing creative works on social media are innumerable. There are terms of service that guide the users on Facebook and Twitter regarding their content protection policies.

The content shared on social media is not the property of the social media platform. The creator and publisher of the content own the copyright to work. However, there is a scope for users using the social media platform to share the content further.

Frequently it has been observed that the content posted by a person gets commercially exploited by other users. It is termed as social media copyright infringement.

As a responsible social media user, it is good to adhere to ethical sharing practices & understand the impact of social media on plagiarism. It is not appropriate to seek credit for a post that is not created by the individual. As the content creator, it is essential to apply correct security settings to the post uploaded on the social media platform.

But the task is not complete after applying suitable security settings. It is essential to keep track of the reuse of the same posts on different social media platforms. Being vigilant is the key to avoid the exploitation of individual social media posts.

Actions Against Social Media Copyright Infringement

There is the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” that protects copyrighted material from misuse. Any picture or any other creative works published on social media sites fall under copyrighted work.

Social media is a public platform, but that doesn’t make the posts public property. Protecting original work is essential, and copyright protection laws also protect such social media posts. The copyright owner solely reserves the right to use the work or give permission to one or more individuals to use commercial purposes.

There is a limit to the free use of the content on social media. The content uploaded on social media gives other users a small scope to use educational purposes.

However, the fair use of copyrighted work never allows commercial exploitation of the work. In case of proper use of copyrighted material, it is vital to credit the content’s author.

It is not appropriate to use a copyrighted document without providing credit even if it gets reproduced for non-commercial purposes.

Know the Dangers of Social Media Copyright Infringement

People found guilty of using copyrighted content have to face lawsuits. The copyright owner can even sue the person/organization that has committed social media copyright infringement. Due compensation as fixed by the Court of Law has to be paid by the offender in such cases.

It is best to apply the copyright protection icon on the document or image to protect the uploaded posts from copyright infringement. After that, image searches, content searches can be carried out on social media platforms to find unauthorized use of the pictures/documents.

A person can disallow the share option for a post if he/she wants to. But not allowing the share option can often lead to less popularity of social media posts. Hence, it is best to keep track of the post made on social media and immediately report copyright infringement cases.

Dealing With Infringement of Social Media Copyright

To check for reuse of posts daily is a difficult task. Manual tracking of all social media posts is quite a challenging task. It is best to employ suitable software for checking the content to deal with social media copyright. A copyright checker is highly useful in this regard.

With a copyright checker, users can detect copyright violations of their social media content quickly. Thus, it becomes easier to report the infringement as per the digital copyright protection law. It also helps social media users from committing unintentional plagiarism & social media copyright infringement.

Copyleaks as a Solution for Instagram Influencers

If a person uses Copyleaks duplicate content checker, it becomes easier to know whether they have unintentionally plagiarized any section or not. The checker helps them a lot in this they provide the influencer with an almost accurate result of their text’s plagiarism.

A plagiarism checker tool gathers knowledge about where they have missed mentioning the source creator and where they have unintentionally copied. It also helps them to know whether someone else is at all responsible for stealing their content or not.


It is advisable to seek legal advice and file a lawsuit as soon as possible for any social media copyright infringement. It is vital to remain alert regarding misuse of content uploaded on social media pages to know about copyright infringement on social media.

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