Final Weeks of Summer Hacks

Final Weeks of Summer Hacks

It’s the last days of summer and as lake swims and BBQs are in their final hay-days there are always a few ways to get your mind prepared for the start of school. Add these ideas into your last weeks of summer and you’ll be ready to kick off the school year with a bang!

Catch some zzz’s

Start regulating your sleep now so that it’s not the day before school and you wonder why you’re still up at 3 am. Getting back into a normal sleep schedule is helpful so you don’t shock your body. While you’re at it, be sure you’re getting enough nutrients because brain food goes even further than you think!

Get those words in

Keeping your mind focused on something other than your Instagram or Snapchat feed can be a challenge when you’re used to long days of hanging out in the summer. If you’re not already, including 20 minutes a day will help your brain get used to focusing

Create a Simple Schedule

Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to stop having fun in your final days of freedom. But, what may help you adapt back to the school system is creating a small schedule for yourself even the week before school starts. We’ve already talked about getting to sleep at a normal time, but now it’s smart to do more than watch Netflix and play video games. Get some fresh air, work out, or even do a task you know you’re dreading.

School is always best when you’re feeling prepared. Be sure to add Copyleaks to your favorites when school starts in the next few weeks!

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