Keep Your Readers Hooked With These Super Tips for Writing Magazine Articles

Most writers would dream of writing content for magazines because it is a kind of creative writing that differentiates itself from other types of writing for newspapers, books, journals, and websites. Nonetheless, magazine articles, within their landscape, have several subgenres, which ask for different styles and skills. For instance, writing an interesting story requires a different approach than writing a lengthy feature article. Similarly, you need a different skill set to write an investigative article than writing a review or criticism.

Irrespective of the type of magazine article you want to write, you still need to follow the essential tips to capture readers’ attention.

Choose a Topic of Your Interest

For an assignment, you are generally required to pitch stories by the way of a query letter. You should be prudent when you target your pitch to a magazine. Publications may not accept your pitch if you fail to meet their submission guidelines. If you want to create high quality content for a magazine, you need to choose topics that are of your area of interest or expertise. Articles that are authoritative or with information in depth are typically preferred by publishers. To help you with this, it would be better to write down all the topics that you are adept in and choose from them.

Approach the Angle in an Interesting Way

Your article will receive attention if it is approached in interesting angles. With it, you tell the readers your reasons to care about the topic or subject, and why they also should. An angle is the lens, which help the writer to filter information to make it meaningful. For instance, a topic may be viewed by two writers through different lens to have completely different angles.

While writing articles for the latest stock market apocalypse, one writer, who is pitching to a stock trade magazine publication for investors, focuses on tips for smart investments. The other writer, who is pitching to a health magazine publication, will focus on the stock market anxiety syndrome, and how it has increased the stress levels on the young executives in recent years. You need to develop content ideas to write on these angles, which you will be able to build over a period of time.

Conduct Research

It is essential that you research on the topic, even if you have enough knowledge about it. This helps you include the latest, relevant and useful information when writing a magazine article. Readers love to have worth of information, so it is better to include quotes, sources and statistics in your piece of writing. There are a few things to consider while doing research. You should check the following for the legitimacy of the source.

  • Primary sources: Look for the primary sources if your article is based on a study.
  • Publication dates: The sources you refer should be the latest and published this year or last year. They should not go 5 or 10 years back unless the information you are looking for is historical.
  • Credible authors: The authors you choose should have verifiable backgrounds. In case you are not sure about the author or website, you may check credentials.

Write a Strong Introduction

For any piece of writing, an introduction is the most important aspect. It helps convey what your article or research paper is about to the readers. For instance, you could let know them your topic, your opinion, why you think it is important, and how do you plan to proceed with it. When writing an intro, keep it clear, concise and crafty to hook the readers.

Develop Your Article

The composition of an article depends on developing paragraphs, which contain information related to your opinion or idea given in the introduction. In a way, you show the reader that the information in the paragraph has recurrent relationship with your opinion or thesis statement. By building paragraphs, you can develop your article, which is similar to a skyscraper. You need a strong foundation, without any inconsistencies or cracks, which can spoil your article.

When writing paragraphs, be clear and concise rather than being complex. Avoid using complex vocabulary and multifaceted sentences, which will have a significant impact on the readability of the text. Have short paragraphs, with sections and subsections to help readers have their attention and read easily. All the sentences should however be related to one idea and arranged in a logical manner.

Then, conclude your article, with the last word on the topic. You get a chance to give your final thought on the issues or points you have raised. You can thus show the importance of your ideas by synthesizing your thoughts, and drive the audience to a new view of the topic. You can also leave a good impression, as well as finish the article on a positive note.  

Edit and Proofread Your Work

Once you have finished writing the magazine article, you need to go to the next step of editing your work. Check for any errors in sentence structure, word choice and spelling. If possible, avoid wordy expressions and any rambling owing to loss of focus or boredom because it will make your readers lose interest in your writing.

Check for Plagiarism

When it comes to plagiarism in media, publications follow various practices in citing others’ work. Nevertheless, plagiarism is not uncommon in news organizations. A common excuse from a journalist, who is working with background material, for not attributing is he or she got confused about what is others’ work and what is his or her own. You can avoid this by having your writing go through an online plagiarism checking tool and generate a report to help you study it and make necessary revision. A better way to keep your writing original is to ask how much of your writing is a reused one.

The tips explained make writing magazine articles easy for you.

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