How Brain Mapping Helps Students Complete Their Paper?

Brain mapping is the anatomical study and functions of the spinal cord and brain through the use of imaging, molecular and optogenetics, immunohistochemistry, stem cell, and cellular biology, neurophysiology, engineering, and nanotechnology. Analysis of Brain Mapping Brain-imaging is a component of brain mapping. The process is conceived as nothing but neuro-imaging. It develops images of […]

How to Understand and Avoid Accidental Plagiarism Using a Plagiarism Checker?

Plagiarism is using someone else’s work as one’s own and not giving due credit to the original author. Out of the most common types of plagiarism, unintentional plagiarism is the most widespread. Unintentional plagiarism occurs when a writer fails to follow scholarly procedures and accidentally copies parts of work that have already been published. The […]

Is Your Plagiarism Checker up to The Mark? Three Things to Help you check

The rising need for anti-plagiarism software Plagiarism is a major problem. It is unethical to take credit for research work done by others but it has been observed that many individuals find themselves in a difficult position where their research work is compromised due to plagiarism. Here an anti-plagiarism software is very helpful, as it […]

How to Scan for Plagiarism in Arabic

Writing any kind of work or school assignment includes lots of research ahead of the actual writing. When you need a plagiarism checker in Arabic, Copyleaks is able to scan the Arabic language you have submitted for any similar content online.

How to Scan for Plagiarism in Portuguese Text

As someone who may write assignments in school, work, or even for that fan fiction novel you’re working on, it’s important that the words you are using are all yours. Original content is the name of the game and no matter what language you’re writing in, you want to be sure you are not plagiarizing. […]

An Interview with Korey Kashmer of Kashmer Interactive

We are happy to work with many different companies using our plagiarism detection solution to improve their business. Many businesses are able to share insight into how anyone can improve their website and business, so we’d like to spotlight different companies to help you. 

How to Cite Your Own Work

Writing new content for school and work can be nearly impossible when always writing about the same topics. Luckily there are instances where self citation is allowed. Follow these steps to make sure you’re doing it the right way!

Final Weeks of Summer Hacks

It’s the last days of summer and as lake swims and BBQs are in their final hay-days there are always a few ways to get your mind prepared for the start of school. Add these ideas into your last weeks of summer and you’ll be ready to kick off the school year with a bang!

How to Avoid Accidental Plagiarism

Why Should the Writers Know About the Best Ways to Avoid Plagiarism? To create an original piece of one’s own requires utmost dedication and hard work. These ultimately lead to the creation of unique content. Content or write up can be of several types, like school projects, thesis, research work, SEO for companies, and others. […]