Ethical Issues in Education – What are the most common ones? | Copyleaks 2022

The Problem of Ethical Issues in Education. When it comes to ethical issues, there are plenty of them in our education systems that need to be addressed. Students and teachers both are often associated very closely with such ethical issues in schools. Some of these are because of their direct involvement while others may be […]

College Applications: A Guide for Navigating the Journey

Candidates with well-rounded education are mostly preferred by companies today, and this shows why it is crucial for one to do higher education in a college or university. With college applications, you enter tertiary education. To make a difference and increase your chances of getting selected, a college application should have the following elements. What […]

Facts About Digital Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a term that we hear quite often, especially in schools and colleges. Almost everyone knows that the act of plagiarism is unethical and can attract consequences. However, this issue seems to have no end. This is mostly due to the writer’s negligence to check his or her paper for plagiarism, especially digital plagiarism […]

How Does Prewriting Help in the Writing Process

To produce any type of text or paper, you need to undergo a writing process, in which prewriting is the first step. For improving your writing skills, you need to explore and develop ideas and plan to have them take a shape and achieve your goal of writing. What Is Prewriting? Prewriting is the primary […]

How to Write a Hypothesis?

An ongoing research process requires you to write your goals, hypothesis and reasons for your hypothesis. Among several aspects of your thesis paper, the purpose statement, which is a hypothesis, lets you support your assertion with much evidence gathered in your research. To learn how to write a hypothesis, you need to consider the essential […]

Helpful Tips to Adopt the Best Way to Study for MCAT

Any college admission test is difficult without an appropriate study plan and an effort to study for it. The Medical College Admission Test or MCAT is no different. There are no particular methods to prepare for the test; however, the best way to study for MCAT are explained below. Before you learn how to study […]

Education & Ethics: Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity

Fact-finding Study: Consequences of COVID-19 on Global Academic Integrity. How Is Plagiarism Becoming Worse In the Current Times? Academic integrity is so downgraded these days, and there is an urgent need for improvisation. Writing a research paper has become as easy as the internet has a wide variety of information available. The present education system […]

Avoiding Plagiarism: Looking at the Plagiarism Rules and Tools

What Is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is having someone’s ideas, words or work and using them as they are your own. It is unethical and wrong and still why does one plagiarize? Maybe, he or she is not confident, is lazy, or lacks time and you find this especially among students in academic environments. Most educational institutions […]

5 Best Ways to Learn How to Finish a Paper Like a Pro

Any type of writing requires both an introduction and a conclusion for they are those aspects having significant influence on a reader. An introduction takes your reader, in the present, to the situations in your writing expressed through analysis like reasons and examples, while a conclusion helps bring your reader back to the present. You […]

Writing Guide: How to Write Thesis Statements?

Students who write various academic papers in a university or college need to follow a format. A thesis statement is essential for any research paper, and most students find it difficult for a lack of understanding. This page helps you write thesis statements effectively for different types of student papers.   What Is a Thesis Statement? […]