Plagiarism in Kannada: How to Check Plagiarism in a Regional Language?

Plagiarism has become a common issue while writing any kind of article. Be it a blog post, essays, or research paper. Moreover, assignments or project works are essential to score well in academics as we all know that India consists of a diversified culture of people. Likewise, the language also varies from one place to […]

Where and When to Use a Semicolon?

Semicolons come halfway from a comma and stand far from being a full stop. Thus their work is neither completely identical with a comma nor with a full stop. Nevertheless, they are as significant as any other punctuation in the written mode of communication. The meaning that the sentences aim to convey depends upon the […]

Writing Basics: What Is a Preposition?

English literature and writing would not have been meaningful without the presence of prepositions. Thus, the students and writers must know “what is a preposition,” and use it properly. To answer the question, “what is a preposition,” one should start with sentence construction’s basic idea. What Is a Preposition? A word that declares the relation […]

Using Synonyms Is Still Plagiarism – Learn How to Avoid It!

The writers, publishers, and bloggers who are quite experienced in the field and have a grasp over the art of writing are well aware of the dos and don’ts to avoid plagiarism in any written piece. The problem arises with the beginners who are still a novice in this regard. Learn how to avoid plagiarism […]

Paragraph Checker: Refine Your Write-Up and Keep It Plagiarism Free

With digital media, the process of publication has become easier. Writers can easily compose their writing pieces based on their thoughts and publish them on many websites available on digital platforms. Many students who are serious about their higher education often aim to publish their papers. Many bloggers use paragraph checker tools to refine their […]

Word Compare Tool: Another Way to Check for Plagiarism

Why Do People Use a Word Compare Tool? The alarming rate of plagiarism cases in every field drives the writers to seek another word compare tool as an effective way of checking and preventing plagiarism. The alleged accusations and instances of plagiarism are in every field, including academic, professional, and entertainment and has been rising […]