Copyleaks vs. Turnitin

Copyleaks vs. Turnitin

Copyleaks vs. Turnitin A Comparison of the Leading Plagiarism Checkers Copyleaks versus Turnitin. Which one is better? We ran 100 identical student essays through both Copyleaks and Turnitin—and the results were astounding! Read on to find out… Online platforms used to detect plagiarism help protect original work and eliminate duplicate content. One of the first […]

Plagiarism Checkers: Can They Save You From the Dark Side of Remote Education?

In a short period, COVID-19 has led to a change of the entire world landscape. A major sector that had to face an everlasting challenge was education. Internet of things provides comfort to maintain academic integrity in an online structure. Around 54% of students believe cheating is essential to stay competitive and is a necessary […]

Tips to Fix Plagiarism in College Assignments Without Using a Rewriter

Plagiarism frequently occurs in written content. The articles and blog posts found on the internet often contain plagiarized content. Content on the same topic has extensive similarities. With the help of plagiarism checking software, it is easy to detect modified content created by a plagiarism rewriter. It is sensible to employ AI plagiarism detection software […]

7 Business Writing Tips for a Small Business Blog

Business in the collaborative world today is primarily done through writing. When proposals are carefully drafted, emails, reports and memos are written succinctly to bring more business and deeper insights. Business writing is so important that several organizations don’t give it its due, and therefore, experience a lot of problems.      What Is Business Writing? […]

How do APIs work? Here’s a Quick Guide?

What are APIs? One should know what APIs are before delving deeper into the question, how do APIs work? API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is software that helps the user and the application communicate. It is responsible for delivering the user’s response to the system and vice-versa. It works just like a messenger […]

Plagiarism Warning: Signs a Student Is Committing Plagiarism

Duplicate or copied content is plagiarism form where written text is copied from a source and the source is not credited appropriately in the document. Duplicate content abounds on the online platform. In many instances, content there is direct copying of the content. It is direct plagiarism. In unintentional plagiarism, the writer is unaware of […]

Canvas LMS: Know Its Pros and Cons

The field of education has witnessed several changes since the introduction of the internet. It is apparent that in the present era, online learning is quite famous. Software developers came with learning management systems like Canvas LMS to streamline the virtual learning process and make it more accessible for all individuals. What Is Canvas LMS? […]

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Hidden Text in Word

The rate of plagiarism is increasing alarmingly, and therefore the teachers and educational institutions are very concerned about checking the students’ papers. Therefore, some of the students use the hidden text in Word to dodge the plagiarism checker. However, it is challenging to identify them by going through them. There are some plagiarism checker tools […]

Why Plagiarism Holds Meaning in Your Urdu Content

Plagiarism in Urdu refers to using unauthorised content (meaning work belonging to someone else) and passing them on as one’s own creation. It encompasses written content, images, videos, and even ideas that belong to someone else. The issue of plagiarism is global. It is no longer limited to only printed media or only written works. […]

A Quick Guide to Plagiarism Prevention

Technological advancement is a boon for some and a nightmare for others. The misuse of data, the internet, and information has shaken people from the very core. Availability of unlimited data, access to free and unmonitored internet, and open sources enriched with various contents has encouraged a particular group of people to use it to […]