How to Rock the Semester Post Spring Break

Returning from spring break is sometimes a week filled with dread. With papers and exams looming in the next few weeks it can be easy to sink back into a slump. Follow these steps to owning your papers and routine the final months of this semester!

Final Weeks of Summer Hacks

It’s the last days of summer and as lake swims and BBQs are in their final hay-days there are always a few ways to get your mind prepared for the start of school. Add these ideas into your last weeks of summer and you’ll be ready to kick off the school year with a bang!

How to write your master’s thesis

How to effectively communicate your thesis points into a cohesive paper is daunting task when it is first assigned. All of the research, counterpoints, writing, drafting, cutting, more writing…it seems like a never ending project. We’ve broken it down to help you write a clear and concise master’s thesis this semester.