Cheating and Plagiarism: Why Both Go Hand in Hand

New learners are taught how to read and write. In due course, they learn to pen down their creative ideas and critically analyze texts. However, many students are inclined to use others’ work instead of working individually on a project. For these students cheating and plagiarism become the only way to complete projects. Assignments are […]

How to Cite Your Own Work

Writing new content for school and work can be nearly impossible when always writing about the same topics. Luckily there are instances where self citation is allowed. Follow these steps to make sure you’re doing it the right way!

How to Keep Your Website’s Content Fresh

Creating new content for your website is many times more difficult even when there is lots to share. When you factor in new features, special promotions, and what’s in store for the future you have a full stack on content to share with your users. Read on for a few ways to best share your […]

How to write the best paper

Many students would agree that writing a paper isn’t easy. Research, coming up with ideas, and putting it all down on paper can sometimes take longer than you anticipate. Here’s how to not get stuck in a crunch and end up copying work at the last minute.