Plagiarism Warning: Signs a Student Is Committing Plagiarism

Duplicate or copied content is plagiarism form where written text is copied from a source and the source is not credited appropriately in the document. Duplicate content abounds on the online platform. In many instances, content there is direct copying of the content. It is direct plagiarism. In unintentional plagiarism, the writer is unaware of […]

Canvas LMS: Know Its Pros and Cons

The field of education has witnessed several changes since the introduction of the internet. It is apparent that in the present era, online learning is quite famous. Software developers came with learning management systems like Canvas LMS to streamline the virtual learning process and make it more accessible for all individuals. What Is Canvas LMS? […]

Tips and Techniques for Preventing Plagiarism

Academic integrity includes a set of spiritual values, such as honesty, fairness, trust, respect, and responsibility, as well as ideals that must be respected by all participants in the scientific and educational process. Violations of the principles of academic conscientiousness are a series of incorrect actions on the part of any participant in the scientific […]

Tools All Writers Should Have

As a writer it should be easy to get all your words out, right? Sometimes thinking about writing is easier than doing it, but with these tools you’ll get your writing done in no time.

How to Be an Inspired Writer Without Writing

Writing for pleasure or work both requires a style of writing that many times others will be reading. Whether your target audience is tween girls or the upper management of your engineering company, there are many ways to keep your writing fresh and inspiring.