Everything You Need to Know About Reporting Copyright Infringement

Plagiarism occurs when information available in different sources is used without proper acknowledgment of the content creator’s source. People often indulge in plagiarism intentionally to complete a task that they lack the creativity to complete or are in a hurry to meet the deadline. People commonly confuse summarizing and paraphrasing as suitable alternatives for original […]

Plagiarism in Movies: A Behind-the-Camera Story

Many filmmakers plagiarize content from others but try to alleviate the plagiarism cases by terming the similarity as an inspiration. However, direct plagiarism, like word-to-word lifting or complete replication of scenes, cannot be regarded as original work. Many films have committed plagiarism in movies from a variety of different sources. However, in the case of […]

Plagiarism in Music: Notable Cases Throughout History

Plagiarism in music, though nothing new even in the field of performing arts, has few distinct divisions: Copying of the melody of the original composer and using it in someone’s original work. Using portions of a melody and incorporating it to make a new one. Unauthorized use of lyrics. Intentional copying of musical ideas or […]