Easy Ways to Get Rid of Hidden Text in Word

The rate of plagiarism is increasing alarmingly, and therefore the teachers and educational institutions are very concerned about checking the students’ papers. Therefore, some of the students use the hidden text in Word to dodge the plagiarism checker. However, it is challenging to identify them by going through them. There are some plagiarism checker tools […]

Why Plagiarism Holds Meaning in Your Urdu Content

Plagiarism in Urdu refers to using unauthorised content (meaning work belonging to someone else) and passing them on as one’s own creation. It encompasses written content, images, videos, and even ideas that belong to someone else. The issue of plagiarism is global. It is no longer limited to only printed media or only written works. […]

Publishing an Article? Here’s How You Can Avoid Plagiarism in the UK

Nowadays, publishing articles are not only limited to books. The authors, students, researchers are more interested in publishing their works online. It is an easier way to reach more people within a short time, and it is less costly than a physical publication. It has also given rise to more cases of plagiarism. It is […]

How India Is Cracking Down on Plagiarism in the Country

How Is India Cracking Down on Plagiarism? India Can Be an Excellent Example for Others While talking about carefully curated write-ups, one cannot ignore the issue of plagiarism. India, even though has a rich literature and culture, too, cannot avoid it. However, it has definitely cracked down a lot. Before moving to the burning question […]

What’s new in our latest update?

We’re excited to share some new updates to the Copyleaks platform. The Copyleaks you are used to has received an upgrade and here’s what you need to know. New and Improved Algorithm Our latest update to our algorithm includes a more focused search to detect duplicate content. Our system will recognize shorter strings of similar […]

How to Keep Your School Work Plagiarism Free This Year

The Role Played by Internet in Producing Plagiarized Work School is synonymous to home; preferably, a second home. However, here also the students are producing plagiarized work. Hence, this calls for a perfect and plagiarism free work. One cannot deny that every student is partly or dependent on the internet.  They rely on the internet […]

How to Write a Perfect College Admission Essay

Steps for Writing a Plagiarism-free Essay with the Help of Online Checker A college admission essay is an applicant’s window of opportunity to enter his or her dream university. It plays an important role besides the grades and extracurricular activities that a student took part in. Know the Correct Prompt: The first and foremost part […]

How to Scan for Plagiarism in Arabic

Writing any kind of work or school assignment includes lots of research ahead of the actual writing. When you need a plagiarism checker in Arabic, Copyleaks is able to scan the Arabic language you have submitted for any similar content online.

How to Write a Book Report

For any middle school, high school, and college student, reading and then writing a book report is a tale as old as time. It’s a pretty easy formula-read the book then write about it. But how to write a book report is not always as cut and dry as it seems. Read on to write […]

How to Scan for Plagiarism in Portuguese Text

As someone who may write assignments in school, work, or even for that fan fiction novel you’re working on, it’s important that the words you are using are all yours. Original content is the name of the game and no matter what language you’re writing in, you want to be sure you are not plagiarizing. […]