Exclamation Marks: How and When to Use Them Correctly?

Careful use of punctuation marks in writing is essential to avoid any ambiguities. Writers express their feelings easily with their help. Commas, full stops, and exclamation marks are there in sentences to give intended meaning. An exclamation mark at the end of a sentence expresses different emotions like anger, surprise, joy, sorrow, etc. Besides that, […]

Where and When to Use a Semicolon?

Semicolons come halfway from a comma and stand far from being a full stop. Thus their work is neither completely identical with a comma nor with a full stop. Nevertheless, they are as significant as any other punctuation in the written mode of communication. The meaning that the sentences aim to convey depends upon the […]

Understanding Subordinating Conjunctions and Using Them in Your Writing

What Is a Subordinating Conjunction? A sentence must be complete to make proper sense. A complete sentence has a clause in it. That is a group of words within a sentence having a subject and predicate of its own. Subordinate clauses or dependent clauses cannot be called complete since they depend on the main clause […]

Writing Basics: What Is a Preposition?

English literature and writing would not have been meaningful without the presence of prepositions. Thus, the students and writers must know “what is a preposition,” and use it properly. To answer the question, “what is a preposition,” one should start with sentence construction’s basic idea. What Is a Preposition? A word that declares the relation […]

Here’s How Plagiarism Checkers Are Simplifying Proofreading?

To produce polished, perfect writing, it is a must for the students or writers to edit and then do proofreading of their work. If a write up has several mistakes, it takes away the joy of reading, disturbing the writing flow. For academic writings, the teachers may deduct marks for errors present in writing. If […]

Sentence Checker: Check Plagiarism in Your Research Journals in No Time

Why You Need a Sentence Checker A sentence checker, or a plagiarism checker for research journals, helps to check the percentage of duplicate content in a research journal. Thus, saving the researcher from academic loss of the year, and reputation, as plagiarized content can harm both. Hence, a sentence checker or a plagiarism checker turns […]