Understanding Subordinating Conjunctions and Using Them in Your Writing

What Is a Subordinating Conjunction? A sentence must be complete to make proper sense. A complete sentence has a clause in it. That is a group of words within a sentence having a subject and predicate of its own. Subordinate clauses or dependent clauses cannot be called complete since they depend on the main clause […]

Writing Fundamentals: How to Quote

Learn How to Quote Like games, the foundation of writing too entirely depends upon rules. Fluently, writing may not come to all easily, but perfection can be attained with repeated practice. From a very early age, students are made aware of writing fundamentals. However, this evolves over time. The different purpose of writing, formal or […]

Using a Comma: 5 Rules, You Must Know

When do you use a comma? Of all the punctuation marks present in the English language, the comma is the most wrongly used. A part of it comes from a misconception that commas always signify a pause in a sentence. Many freelance writers tend to use commas to separate parts of a sentence or to […]