The What, Why, and How of Cloud Computing

Why Choose Cloud Computing and What Are the Benefits

Most of the users’ storage space is always a great worry, and many of them are scared that the device may run out of storage space or some of the applications may crash because of insufficient storage space. Here cloud computing comes to the rescue.

If the user has a fast processor and a good internet connection, they don’t have to worry about the storage space anymore. The popularity of cloud computing has increased as it allows the user to back up their important files and documents. As they can access those files from any device, the fear of losing the data with the device getting stolen is not there.

Cloud Computing

The users can also stay away from repeated lag caused by insufficient storage space. The hassle-free cloud computing has already taken over most users, and people often regard it as the future of computing.

What Is Cloud Computing?

The term cloud computing first came to use by an internal magazine of Compaq. It was much older than the internet, as the mention of cloud computing is found in ARPANET (1977) and CSNET (1981), which are the predecessors of the internet.

The term rose to popularity after released their Elastic Compute Cloud in 2006, and it did not take much time to gain a higher number of cloud storage users.

With time, the users feel they want more storage even though they may have storage space in MB, GB, or TB. Adding more storage to the device is possible, but the users need to spend the right amount of money to buy a hard disk or a memory card. An adequate substitution for this can be Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing services provide the users with storage space, and they can quickly increase it with some money. The process of expanding the storage space is also easy. All the user needs is to subscribe and sign up. They can pay for as much storage as they want.

Instead of repeatedly transferring the whole thing from one device to another, the user can access the cloud storage from any device at any time, only if they can access the internet. If the user needs to access data from different devices, they can use common storage space.

In that case, they can use data without the hassle of transferring them from one device to another. Thus, the demand for cloud services is increasing at a rapid rate.

Why Choose Cloud Computing Service?

Whether a corporate company or a regular user, storage is never enough. The evolution of device storage made its way from MB, GB to TB, yet there is no storage device that someone mentions as enough.

The reason is that most of the users prefer to save different sorts of data, including documents, work-related articles, reports, e-books, and other such things. But, practically, the users tend to store more data than just official work-related things.

However, a significant part of the device remains typically occupied by the system app, cached data, and other in-app bundles. Therefore, users often find that the space they are getting to store images, movies, music, and other things is significantly less.

Whenever a large file gets downloaded to a device, the notification regarding the shortage of storage space keeps popping here and there. To resolve this, the users need a good cloud computing service.

Cloud Computing

They could have used a separate hard disk or a memory card to increase the device’s storage. The process is comparatively expensive, and the option to access it from different devices is not there.

The process of extension in the case of external data cards is also comparatively hectic. If the user wants to extend the external memory capacity, they need to change the old card with a new one and transfer the previous one. In cloud computing, it is easier to extend the capacity just by paying a smaller amount. The user can access the standard storage from different devices only by signing in.

It has made the whole process of data storing easy for the corporate sectors and more prominent companies. Previously, the multinational companies of corporate houses used to have their computer centers. The company had to continually modify their hard disk with a handsome amount to increase the data capacity.

These corporate houses have gradually turned to cloud computing services to manage their data, user requirements, and other essential things. It has lowered their cost by eliminating the need to have multiple computer centers and many employees to manage those computer centers.

Besides the cost-effectiveness of cloud computing services, it is also known for its flexibility. The user can back up their data to a safe place, and they can continuously increase the storage space by paying some amount.

If necessary, the organizations can let the service handle their whole cloud computing system, which can upgrade the service as per the requirements.

The cloud computing services continuously update their service, and hence the user can avail of the latest technology just by installing the updates. The installation procedure is also easy, and therefore the system of cloud computing works seamlessly.

How Does the Cloud Computing Service Work?

The service providers have their computer centers in different parts of the world. Those computers feature massive storage capacity and optic fibers that help them to mirror each other 24/7. These computers stay connected, and hence one of them stops working.

The others save the situation, and the user can seamlessly use the service if they can access the internet. For an organization with many subscribers or multinational companies, cloud storage is always a better and cost-effective solution for managing their needs.

Cloud Computing work

Moreover, artificial intelligence & machine learning have made the cloud computing system more efficient as they can help create a more organized and useful system for the users.

Some Good Cloud Computing Services:

There are multiple cloud computing services, and the user can choose one based on their requirements. Like most other services, there are some cons of cloud computing services. Therefore, it is always better to choose one after thoroughly looking into their policies and terms before subscribing.

The company can consider the cost as the service cost for different computing services can be different. Here are some excellent and reliable cloud computing services:

  1. Google One: This cloud computing service has gained popularity within a shorter period. They initially provide a free space of 15GB, which the user can update later based on their requirements.
  2. Microsoft OneDrive: When the user has multiple Android devices, Microsoft OneDrive can be the right solution to use the same storage for various devices. After signing up, OneDrive provides a free storage space of 5GB, and users can increase it based on their needs.
  3. iCloud: The iCloud can be the right choice for Apple gadget users. The initial storage space available is 5GB, which the users can extend as per their requirements.
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