Three Ways to Improve Your Writing

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Writing whether it’s for school or work is not always everyone’s strong suit. When it comes to creating a work of art that will get you an A grade or high compliments from your work team, it’s important to follow the guidelines without sounding boring, and of course knowledgeable. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you have your next writing assignment.

Read the Instructions

If it’s a school assignment-midterms are coming up- many times points are taken off, is because students didn’t clearly understand the topic assigned. Should it be written from a certain perspective? Can you include your own opinion? Is it more free-style? These are things to keep in mind. If it’s something that is going out to your particular company or team, make sure everyone who receives the document will understand what you are writing. Remember, other teams may not know exactly what you work on and need more clarification.

Interesting Examples

Add some spice to your writing! Whether it’s a legal case or your take on Hamlet, including relevant examples for what you are talking about is important for your reader. Sometimes more background information will help make everything more clear. If you are taking your example or quote from somewhere else, be sure to do the correct citation.

Make it Perfect

After your third draft, it may seem hard to know if your paper is perfect for the world to see. It’s a good time to check that contractions have been omitted, grammar and spelling are correct, and your work is free of plagiarism. Another helpful idea is to have a peer review your work and see if your message is clear.

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