Tips for Students to Acquire Productive Study Habits During COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has shut down almost all of the industries in the world, and schools have not been exempted. After the World Health Organization declared that the disease is airborne, social distancing became a must to limit the spread, and schools are one of the places the virus could spread faster. This has placed a lot of restrictions on the teachers’ academic life and, particularly, the students (and their study habits).

Studying is a habit that students get accustomed to overtime. However, studying alone can be tedious and stressful, even while in school. Many students prefer group reading because of the ideas they get to share and the jokes they communicate with each other. But COVID-19 has made study habits dormant, so reading isn’t exciting at the moment. Only students who are extraordinarily passionate about their studies are still conversant with their books. Nevertheless, you can get an online service that can write essays for you on how to plan your studies effectively. All you need is a tip, and we have listed some to follow:

Draft and Stick to the Plan

The first tip to stay motivated to work during COVID-19 is to plan and stick to carrying out goals and assignments. Draw out a timetable, list out your courses, projects to do, and fix a time for everything to schedule your reading and assignments. One ideal way to do this is to get a notebook, which you can then use to form notes while reading. This way, you get to assimilate quickly and remember everything you’ve read.

You can also look for the problematic course you are having issues with, review it again, do some research about it, and find a means to summarize vague concepts in the work. If possible, get in touch with your teacher and relate the challenges you’re facing with the course to get clarity. However, the most important thing is discovering a study technique that works for you and strategically plan your exam dates, assignments, quizzes, and deadlines to keep motivating yourself about taking the reading seriously. Study habits are important and students must continuously work on improving them.

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Keep Everything Organized in a Folder

Like bloggers and teachers, students also collect textbooks, assignments, and past questions from senior colleagues for guidance. To avoid any missing piece from your study materials, it is ideal to put all these things into one folder to use whenever needed quickly. Students tend to get online assistance to keep PDFs and documents, while some use necessary school supplies like dividers and binders. Nevertheless, the vital point is keeping important documents and useful info in one convenient place so that you won’t go through stress looking for it. When your reading materials are organized, you tend to be more productive, and there is no form of mental stress because your materials are reachable.

Study According to Your Learning Style

Everyone has what works for him or her when it comes to studying, and there are several different learning styles. Perhaps, you are an auditory learner, social learner, visual learner, or solitary learner; once you know what works for you in learning without stress, use it often and implement it into your study habits.

Practicalize What You Have Read After Studying

The best way to understand after reading is to put it into practice. For example, if you can teach what you have learned convincingly to someone, you have made progress. Although some tend to soliloquize after reading, it is still a form of cramming which you can easily forget. Despite social distancing being observed, here are ways to go about it:

  • Get a family member (it may be your brother, sister, or your parent) who can explain what you’ve read and encourage them to ask questions.
  • Organize online classes with friends.
  • You can also act out an imaginative class where you pretend to explain to people. 
  • Write down what you have read. It helps you remember. 
  • Record yourself when explaining what you understand.
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One of the things that can make you an extraordinary student is writing in your own words, rather than plagiarizing what is in the textbook. Your ability to write in your interpretation helps you avoid plagiarism and gives your work uniqueness. Plagiarism in paperwork is an academic theft, so you must learn to interpret in your writings or paraphrase. This is also a means of practicing what you’ve studied.

Make Use of Music That Inspires You

Music is like food to the soul. We all have specific music we vibe to. It may be jazz, pop, afro-pop, country music, rock, or trap; as long as it inspires you to do more, put it on while reading. You can also have a playlist, which many students do, all you need to do is explore what works for you, and you are good to go.

Do an Online Study

Ever since the pandemic shook the world, almost everything has gone virtual. Conferences, meetings, gym classes, and many more are done online. Since online classes have been encouraged, gather your friends for an online study where you share ideas, and collaborate together. A simple means to do that is a WhatsApp video call. There is no social distancing online, so reading shouldn’t be a problem. Adapting study habits such as this is essential to maintain a positive outlook on one’s studies.

Practice More to Reduce Anxiety

Some students have anxiety attacks regularly, especially when a test or examination is approaching. To reduce this, get more materials that help in the tedious aspect of your academics. If your school has an online academic platform where you can learn, take advantage of everything. However, you can get past questions, term papers, and textbooks to find classwork and practice more.

Relax and Keep Calm

After doing lots of reading, do not overtax your brain neurons. Kindly relax your mind and stay calm. One of the things that help you relax properly is to have a goal and fulfill it on time. It even makes you more organized as you follow your schedule strictly.

Although these steps are an excellent way to maintain productive reading habits, there is a need to have the desire and willingness to do more with your studies. If you have lost that zeal in reading, you can read more on how to stay motivated

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