Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block!

Writer’s block is often considered an ailment. This affliction prevents writers from writing. It is significant to understand that this issue is not caused by any physical problem but is a psychological issue that impedes the creative process of unique content formation. 

Writers are creative individuals who can produce powerful articulations. From a blog post to a book, writers need to harness their creative genius for producing a quality piece of writing.

Writers block

While writing, professional writers often hit a wall where they find themselves in an unpalatable situation where they cannot write.

The writer’s block problem can aggravate, and quality writers might be unable to write intelligibly for a long time. Psychological pressure often creates this writer’s block that results in a negative mindset. The prime causes of writer’s block are:

Overcritical Stance Towards the Written Work: Authors who overanalyze and/or are highly self-critical end up believing that their work is not up to the mark. It erodes the intrinsic creativity of the writer.

Focus On Comparison: Many writers are publishing their creative content. However, if a writer is overtly focused on comparing their content with other fellow authors, fear starts developing. They start believing that their content is not as great as that of the other prominent authors. The fear rapidly develops to eclipse the writing process.

Lack of Constructive Criticism: Writers write for an audience. If there is no response from the audience, the content creator feels that their work is not praiseworthy. It causes a lack of motivation, and the writer fails to produce subsequent stories.

Lack of Belief: Writers need to believe in the story that they will tell the audience. However, if the writing process does not get the absolute focus and trust of the writer, it stops midway.

Hence, it can be well-understood that writer’s block is a psychological problem that is caused when there is a lack of a harmonic relationship between the writer and their work. The manifestation of this problem is the inability to create meaningful pieces of writing.

Possible Steps for Overcoming Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is an ailment for many writers, but it does not have a prescribed course of treatment. But some actions help in overcoming the inability to write. Desirable steps that are there to defeat writer’s block are as follows:

Routine Writing: Disciplining the mind is a vital step that can help in overcoming writer’s block. The writer needs to adhere to a strict wiring routine and ensure that the schedule is maintained. The routine aspect helps in forcing the mind to work on the writing project. It, in turn, helps in combating the writer’s block.

Freewriting: This is a form of purgative exercise for writers. People suffering from terrible writer’s block can write their hearts out without worrying about the topic. As a writer, there is an assumption that the person is acquainted with sentence structure and grammar. In freewriting, the author writes about anything that helps in bringing out sentences on the paper. It is best to do freewriting traditionally with pen and paper.

Remove Stressors: Anything that is causing the writer to stress out is to be removed from the writing arena. Negative reviews, snide comments, noise, and other such things should also not be there. It is best to take a break from the computer screen and the internet. It is sensible to change the writing space from a noisy one to a quiet one. Anything that is remotely acting as a stressor can intensify the writer’s block. Therefore, it is sensible to stay away from such stressors.

Engage in Tasks That Relax The Mind: People who have writer’s block, generally have an overworked brain. The lack of creativity comes as a result of overwork. To get back the creativity, it is sensible to engage in activities that do not pressurize the mind. So, the writers can indulge in activities such as, listening to music or doing mundane household chores that leave the brain free.

Use Plagiarism Checker: Plagiarism checking is essential for writers. The constant worry about plagiarized content in a piece of writing can contribute to writer’s block. Use an online plagiarism checker to generate a report for the written content. It keeps the writing process free from unnecessary worries.

Hence, it is sensible to adjust the writing process and keep writing by following the above steps. With practice, it becomes easier to combat it.

Actions to Avoid While Suffering From a Writer’s Block

A powerful writer suffering from writer’s block can leave the writing field forever. It is not an unusual outcome among writers afflicted by writer’s block. Therefore, during the phase, the individual needs to look for options to stay motivated. When a person is suffering from writer’s block there are a few activities that one should avoid. These adverse actions that can aggravate writer’s block are:

  • Putting off the writing till the phase of writer’s block is over.
  • Doing aimless activities that are not fruitful in any way.
  • Thinking constantly about writer’s block and reading about it.
  • Feeling dejected about writer’s block and giving up writing altogether.
  • Reading about success stories of fellow writers and wallowing in self-pity.

It is not unusual for writers to give up writing altogether while suffering from writer’s block because that appears to be the easiest option. However, it is wise to avoid that inclination and move forward with the initial intention of writing.


Writer’s block is a cause of concern for many writers. It afflicts many professional writers. However, instead of brooding over the inability to write, it is sensible to test solutions that can help in alleviating the writer’s block. Hence, the focus on how to write helps in keeping the problems at bay.

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