Tips to Write a top-notch 500-word essay

Use Essay Checkers for a High School Essay

To compose an essay, a person needs to focus clearly on the topic. For new learners, it might seem like a daunting task to compose an essay single-handedly. However, essay writing tips with a little bit of practice and research, helps one to write a good essay.

The problem of run-on sentences or word choice can be rectified by learning about sentence structure and the core rules of grammar and punctuation.

Online tools are present for students and writers to help with the spelling and grammar aspects. Anyone can access online grammar check software for checking their essays. It checks not only grammar errors but spelling errors and punctuation errors as well.

The aid provided by a writing tool

It is vital to have a sound knowledge of language and vocabulary to write an essay. In many cases, it has been observed that after completing the essay, multiple mistakes remain in the text. Manually checking an essay for grammatical errors is a tough job.

There are online service providers that check written documents for mistakes and help with this time-consuming task. With an online paper checker, a person can upload the essay and get it checked for errors. Students can directly type on the window provided by a writing tool to correct mistakes while essay writing tips.

Online writing tools are highly useful for aiding the writing process. In many tools, users have the option to set filters before writing the essay.

A detailed report on the quality of the essay is also given to the user after the essay is completely corrected. This report helps writers to improve their writing skills further for achieving a better score.

The conventional outline of an essay

An essay is a written document that elaborates upon a specific topic. A formal tone is followed while writing an essay. An analytical approach is employed for delineating valid points, and the primary objective is to inform readers about particular perspectives.

Usually, an essay consists of three parts, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The first passage of an essay is akin to a prologue that sets the tone of the essay. The body consists of more than one paragraph.

These paragraphs are written to convey specific points that pertain to the essay topic. The final paragraph unites the ideas expressed in the essay to form a valid conclusion.

Non-fictional essays typically follow this kind of format; a fictional essay is slightly different and can have a personal tone or story-like quality.

There can be digressions in a fictional essay, but the core objective remains the same for both fictional and non-fictional essays.

Quotations are often used to initiate or end an essay, but it is essential to cite the source of the quotation. Similarly, references used within the body of the essay have to be appropriately quoted to avoid the problem of plagiarism.

Essay Writing Tips & method of composing an essay

Research is the key to drafting an essay. A written assignment is usually focused on a particular topic. As a student, it is essential to understand the topic lucidly. Understanding the initial idea helps in noting down essential points related to the topic.

An essay is not a conglomeration of references from different texts. It is the gradual development and substantiation of the writer’s stance regarding the topic. Students need to create an impactful introduction to initiate the tone of the essay.

The subsequent paragraphs are meant for describing the writer’s take on the topic. The concluding passage brings together the references that have been mentioned in the essay for raising valid points and resonates with the writer’s thoughts regarding the topic.

To compose an essay, the references that a person wants to use in the essay have to be jotted down separately. A rough draft regarding the flow of the essay with specific references and original thoughts has to be formed.

The rough draft serves as the outline for the essay. After writing the essay, it is essential to review it for errors and correct those. Online free grammar check is available to ensure that grammatical mistakes are not present in the essay.

The utility of a plagiarism tool

Plagiarism in written assignments is not a new problem. However, the simplified method of accessing information through the internet has increased copy-pasting instances considerably.

Students often engage in such unethical writing practices to submit papers without putting outstanding effort. Plagiarism also occurs due to negligence and can be unintentional, but that doesn’t imply that unintentional copying is forgivable.

Committing plagiarism has its consequences, and as a student/scholar, it is vital to check dissertations repeatedly for plagiarism cases. It is necessary to ensure that the assignment is plagiarism-free before submitting it.

Students often have the misconception that punishment for plagiarism is meted out only in case of plagiarism in research work. It is essential to clarify that plagiarism in any written work from fictional documents to non-fictional essays is recognized as an instance of copyright infringement.

Hence, it becomes highly essential to review each piece of written work and ensure that it is original. Using ideas from reference texts or distinguished authors needs to be quoted and cited correctly to avoid plagiarism charges.

Scanning your paper for multiple written assignments for plagiarism is a challenging task, and even after detailed manual scanning errors can remain in the text.

In this regard, an online plagiarism tool is akin to a boon. Plagiarism software scans an uploaded document for copy-pasting and other forms of plagiarism, and within minutes a detailed report is given to the user.

After plagiarism checking the student can then make necessary corrections in the piece of content to make it plagiarism-free and also error-free.


Mistakes can occur, but correcting those is essential. It is vital to improve one’s writing skills and avoid English grammar mistakes to avoid submitting low quality written assignments. Grammar errors can be easily avoided by using a high-quality essay checker.

Apart from all these the essay writing tips are there that help a student to produce a high-quality essay.

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