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As a writer it should be easy to get all your words out, right? Sometimes thinking about writing is easier than doing it, but with these tools you’ll get your writing done in no time.

Speech to Text

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is actually putting the words to paper. One way to eliminate that problem is by simply talking to your computer or phone. This makes it easy when you’re on the go and have an idea you went to get out quickly before you lose it. Google has a nifty extension for this called Speech Recognition Sound Writer that allows you to record when you are ready and get those words out on your doc! Just don’t be surprised if you do this in a public place and you get funny looks.

Check Citations

The easiest way to be sure that you included all of your citations is by doing a thorough scan to see where your text came from. Copyleaks will show you each source that aligns with the text you submitted.

Write in a Flow State

Ah free flow writing, something that can only be achieved when you’re “in the zone” and don’t have any social media notifications or incoming email pings taking your focus away. Worst of all, you can get distracted by your own writing. Blind Write eliminates this problem by blocking out the writing you submitted before so you will only focus on the current sentence. It’s truly an exercise in the practice of focus.

Writing is all about getting the words out into the world. With a few easy tools you can improve your writing process and increase your writing speed and time.

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