Top Tips to Keep Away From Plagiarism in Online Learning

Online learning is being practiced all across the world like never before. As a result, plagiarism in online learning is increasing as well. To assist in managing the new realm of virtual learning, LMS platforms are being used.

A learning management system or LMS is a platform that universities, colleges, high schools, and workplaces can use to assemble different documents. It gives these institutions access to various features like institution-wide updates, helps make announcements to specific groups, delivers educational courses to large groups at a go, etc.

It is an umbrella of activities that can be clubbed under E-learning. A learning management system helps an instructor create and deliver content online, monitor student participation and understanding of the course content, and assess student performance.

A learning management system provides students with the ability to use interactive features such as threaded discussions and live discussion forums, videos for concept clearing, and interactive sessions with professors and other students.

Cloud-based learning management systems offer a seamless transition into LMS. It helps in managing various eLearning resources and tracking user progress. Using a cloud LMS makes sure that one does not have to install anything on their computer.

Thus the computer remains light and functions smoothly. One simply has to login to a web portal, and all the information stored can be accessed easily without downloading any application or software.

Cloud-based learning management systems also have mobile compatibility and can be accessed from a wider variety of devices. Well, this makes it very easy to use and is frequently used by educational institutions.

Some Useful LMS Plagiarism Checkers

With distance learning being a constant, being aware of specific cloud-based platforms is essential to avoid plagiarizing articles.

●    Canvas Plagiarism Checker:

Canvas is a learning management system used by students and teachers to share files on one platform. It offers customizable teaching and learning experience by engaging students with video-based learning modules and interactive sessions.

Canvas LMS provides the Canvas plagiarism checker plug-in facility. It helps establish a user interface, enhancing online learning in education by preventing plagiarism, intentional and unintentional.

●    Blackboard Plagiarism Checker:

It has the usual benefits of using a plagiarism checker. With this useful application, one can find out plagiarized text in student assignments almost immediately and send required feedback. It helps make students aware of plagiarisms that can accidentally take place and produce high-quality documents.

Since they automatically scan for plagiarism with their plug-in, student reports by Blackboard plagiarism checker are instantly scanned and plagiarism documented in a similarity report. Hence it is time-saving for the teachers and helpful for students.

●    Moodle Plagiarism Checker:

One of Moodle’s best features is that it allows several commercial plug-ins to help detect plagiarized content. It offers the same facilities as standard plagiarism detectors like identity directly plagiarised and paraphrased content provides similarity reports and performs automatic scanning.

Knows the Nook-and-Corner to Prevent Plagiarism

Plagiarism can happen anywhere, but when the mode of learning is online, the danger increases a bit more. Hence it is of utmost importance to try and avoid plagiarizing consciously. Here are some tips to help one prevent plagiarism in online learning.

  • Paraphrase: After finding information that fits the respective research paper, one should make a habit of writing in their own words. Make sure not to copy verbatim many sentences from the main text that one is referring to in an assignment. If the word to word reference is taken, make sure to use quotation marks.
  • Cite: Citing is a very effective way to avoid plagiarism. Every educational institution or the institution that issued the research request follows a specific document formatting guideline. If some of the material being used pertains to some previous research, they have to cute themselves too.
  • Quoting: It is imperative to precisely using a quote the way it appears when copying any part verbatim.
  • Citing Quotes: It usually involves adding a page number or a paragraph number from where the quote was taken. There are articles online that provide detailed guidelines about citing quotes. Make sure to read up on them before starting an assignment.
  • Referencing: One of the most important ways to avoid plagiarism is including a reference page or page of works cited at the end of any research paper. Well, this must meet the document formatting guidelines used by the concerned educational institution.
  • Review citations: While the citation of articles is essential, another essential thing is to review how to cite outside work properly. It is helpful to search for how to cite articles appropriately online or take online educators’ help.

There are many citation styles, and every institution necessitates the use of one kind of citation pattern. Looking up articles about these beforehand thus helps make leader mistakes while citing.

  • Use Plagiarism Checkers: The most effective way is to use free online plagiarism checkers. With many plug-ins and interfaces, they are instrumental and safe to use and save a lot of time writing original articles.

Why Is Copyleaks Essential in Online Learning?

LMS is an essential feature in online learning and also for online educators. With the help of the latest API technology, the institutes can integrate Copyleaks on their LMS that both the students and the teachers can use. It will help them in more than one way. Some of those ways are:

  1. Institutes do not have to spend much time checking the plagiarism percentage of a bulk assignment. Copyleaks will perform the task on behalf of them.
  2. The Copyleaks plagiarism checkers can produce such a result that can rarely be questioned as this checker has the support of sophisticated technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. With the Copyleaks integration in the LMS, one can speed up the plagiarism check process in no time.

So, now with Copyleaks, students and educators can enjoy online learning without any hiccups and quite smoothly.

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