Understanding the fundamentals of academic writing

Academic writing is a kind of descriptive writing. It has the purpose of providing valid information and facts. It is formal writing and is mainly used in colleges, universities, or any journal publication. Writers should keep in mind those academic writing needs to be plagiarism-free.

Academic Writing

In the modern educational system, every subject consists of assignments and project work. Moreover, according to experts from a popular writing company Essay Writing Service, it is essential for those who possessed the best writing skill, as it can help them to fetch good grades. The students can lack the qualities of a great novelist, but they certainly should not lack the convincing qualities to prove any argument.

Characteristics of Academic writing:               

The academic writing features are as the following:

  • Complexity:  The written language should relatively be more complex in comparison to the spoken language. Written language is denser and consists of various vocabularies. The presence of noun-base phrases is more than that of verb-based ones. Writing needs to have a short sentence with zero grammatical error.
  • Precision:  The facts, information, or any reliable data should be there in an academic text.
  • Formality:  The text should be in a formal tone. Writers or students should also avoid casual tonality or expression.
  • Objectivity:  Academic writing has a learning objective. It is not personal. The main emphasis should be on the information or arguments, which the writer is dealing with in the text.
  • Accuracy:  Accurate vocabulary usage should be there in the text. The writer shall not use any general English. The words in use should have a specific meaning and should be subject-oriented.
  • Explicit:  Academic writing is direct and blunt. Hence, the text should be clear and related to the topic. In other words, it should be explicit.
  • Pertinence:  The information present in the text should be relevant to the subject topic. Unnecessary information has no value here. An unwanted detailed description is of no importance.
  • Organization and planning:  Before writing an academic paper organization, and planning are significant. After deep research, the writer needs to portray his or her words in an organized manner. The writing needs to be purposeful.
Characteristics of Academic writing
  • Evidential:  The knowledge delivered in academic writing should be subject-centric. The opinions should have proper evidence. The reference used should be accurate as well.
  • Unbiased:  Information used in academic writing should be impartial and should be entirely research-based and direct.
  • Usage of the third person:  In academic writing, the writer cannot use “I” and “you” in their writing. While writing, the writer needs to use the third person.

Fundamentals of Academic Writing:

The Deliverance of a distinctive paper is possible only after detailed research. The research is done based on the proper resource. Based on the research, the writer needs to share their opinion in their way. To write a perfect thesis, the writer needs to understand five essential fundamental principles.

  • Lucidity:

The academic content is complex as it consists of a single paper with layers of arguments. Although, utilization of long and odd words in the write-up to make content more powerful. But the strategy is not correct. The thesis statement might be complex, but the language used should be lucid and clear.

Simplicity in words helps to convey the arguments. Try to use noun-based phrases, adjectives, participles, and passive verbs while writing an academic paper. Most importantly, try to avoid long sentences. Even the usage of prepositional phrases fetches an issue in the writing clarity.

  • An apt Illustration:

Explanation with a specific illustration is always valuable. To provide well-defined academic content, the writer needs to add specific examples to prove the argument. It is the best strategy for delivering excellent academic writing.

Providing instance with the argument makes it more trustworthy. Moreover, the example needs to reality-based. Academic writing has a theoretical base. Therefore, a specific example after each argument clarifies the content even better.

  • Objectivity:

The writer has his or her point of opinion to be shared in the academic paper. But the writer should emphasize more on the thesis statement along with his or her point of view.

The learning objective should be clear while writing an academic paper. Suppose the writer is writing a graduate-level academic text, then he or she needs to understand the opposing arguments while proving his or her point of view.

  • Reference:

While writing an academic paper, the writer needs to do deep research based on the topic. Later on, he or she should precisely write their research paper based on the resourceful information gathered. The writer should have their data ready for proving the argument. But, the individual needs to use it correctly to prove them. After all the clarifications of the arguments, the writer needs to add the correct reference to it.

Even Google can trick the writer as well. So before referencing, the resource needs to be gathered from a reliable website. Citation of the source is a must in an academic paper. There are three major citation types, namely, APA, MLA, and Chicago. Well, based on the rule of each style of referencing, the writer needs to put a comma and a capital letter.

  • Consistency:

The writer needs to present their paper with consistency that portrays two facts: uniformity and logical flow in writing style. Suppose, if the introduction of the paper begins with complexity, then it is suggestible to maintain the same form of writing throughout the academic document. The writer should maintain a logical flow of writing.

The introduction of the content should end with zero levels of confusion. Once the drafting of the paper completes, the writer needs to revise it. The writer needs to maintain consistency relating to the thesis statement. Instead, to impress the evaluator, one needs to play with appropriate words in their dissertation work. A proficient assignment or dissertation can destine the future of the graduate student. Understanding the fundamentals of academic writing is pretty essential. Well, these kinds of texts are necessary for their future progress in their career.

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