Understanding the Role of Adjectives

Some Facts About the Role of Adjectives

A variety of writing with innate skills is available in this world. Each variant explains an issue in different ways. And these led to the detailed study of genre, grammar, punctuation, etc.; now, the question is, what comes first, grammar or literature?

role of adjectives

The answer is both, go hand in hand. While grammar is the skeleton, literature serves the decoration part. Here the discussion is about how writers orient nouns with the use of adjectives and enhances its beauty. Both parts of speech need a minimal explanation for readers who are voracious writers. Needless, the basic ideas are given:

Noun: The naming words.

Adjective: The words which describe nouns. 

What Is An Adjective?

At this moment, the next query that pops up is why this blog is so important? Most people are aware of the adjective. It is for a better understanding of this part of speech. A simple discussion of this part of speech as the one which modifies a noun won’t suffice.

The debate on the role of adjectives requires a much more detailed explanation. It is that part of grammar which neither exaggerates nor demeans the value of the noun. It beautifies the noun. It can be better understood by discussing the roles played by this describing word.

  1. Degrees of comparison:

Since the school days, everyone has gone through this strain of adjectives and sometimes even struggled to grab it without an error. It is confusing.

The use of adjectives here comes in three forms; absolute, comparative, and superlative. The use of each form denotes the degree of importance of a noun. Examples given below helps to deliver a clear understanding.

“Sita is a good singer” Here, good is to express tSita’sxtent as a simple and not so bad a singer. Well, this is a positive degree.

“Sita is better than many other singers in the class” In here, Sita is complemented as a good singer than many other students in her class. Here the adjective is of comparative degree.

“Sita is probably the best singer in her class.” This statement itself explains Sita as the one and only good singer in her class. It is an example of a superlative degree.

All the above sentences demarcate the difference in the degree in which the adjective is used to describe Sita as a singer. It is one of the most critical roles of adjectives to state correctly to what extent a noun is explained.

  1. Coordinate adjectives:

This type must always be marked with a comma or the use of and. If two or more words describe the same noun, it is termed as a co-ordinating adjective. The tendency is often considered a hyperbolic explanation since it repeatedly stresses and emphasizes the same noun’s qualities. 

For example, ‘Today’s class is going to be a long, tireless one.’ But not necessary that all co-ordinating adjectives repeat themselves with a comma or and.

The user can even be different here. To cite an example, ‘The jewelry is stored in an old silver locker.’ Here both the words must be used side by side without a comma to describe the locker.

  1. Prepositive, postpositive adjectives:

These are a set of attributive adjectives that occur on an antecedent or subsequent sequence. The phrases explain the noun by placing itself before or after it. Example; ‘I enjoy my weekends with my happy kids.’

Here the italicized phrase is a noun phrase where the adjective is placed before the noun. Therefore it is a Prepositive adjective.

While in the sentence, ‘The dog, ferociousness is feared by all in the locality’ is used as a postpositive adjective. ‘The dog, which is ferocious, is given the attribution.’ 

3. Adjectives and nouns fulfilling each other:

Such types are ample, where a word can both be used as a noun and an adjective. For example, ‘The house owner’s guide dog is supposed to be a dangerous one.’ Here guide dog is a noun phrase, not a noun followed by an adjective.

  1. Confusion between adjective and adverb:

Generally, small children are taught adjectives as some words with prefixes or suffixes that qualify a noun. The suffix ‘-ly’ creates confusion mostly among children, which can affect the long run.

role of adjectives, English Grammar Rules

Therefore a clear understanding of both parts of speech is necessary. The subtle demarcation can be understood with the following examples:                                                                        

The children were looking forward to the start of the lively game.’ Lively is used as an adjective to describe a noun game.

His way of doing every work is very lively.’ The difference here is ‘lively’ describes how the boy does the work, which is a verb. Therefore here, the same word is an adverb.

Grammatical Mistakes Lead to Unintentional Plagiarism

Throughout the above discussion, the only matter prioritized is the perfect use of an adjective. Grammatical mistakes lead to unintentional plagiarism. The whole discussion primarily concerns to avoiding plagiarism in such a scenario.

Adjectives play with words in different ways and ultimately lead to several deductions. Linguists and experts in grammar categorize a part of speech by studying its representation methods and looking for further modifications.

Adjectives are those rules which define the noun. Thus it can be mend and created according to the demand of a sentence.

That is why time and again, it’s been observed that a particular part of speech is given various attributions. To maintain academic integrity and a clear future for a student, both learners and teachers come to a compatible point to better understand grammar.

This ultimately aids in developing resourceful essays despite these teachers and academicians to go through a double screening and recheck the same with online plagiarism checker. Several plagiarism checkers for essays are available that can provide a fault-free write-up.

Why Are Plagiarism Detectors Essential?

If an essay demands the use of correct adjectives, then focus must be put on the same. Grammatical errors are a common mistake done by students across the globe. Plagiarism checkers for essays filter these and rectify in time. Determiners must be clearly understood by a student to apply it correctly as a type of adjective. All these and many more save a blog from being regarded as a failing grade.

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