What Benefits Do Artificial Intelligence Provide to Society?

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Artificial Intelligence technology is increasingly applied in different fields today and with good reason. Efficiency being the buzz word in today’s society, being able to automate monotonous and mundane tasks is a massive step forward towards better productivity for any company. AI technology has developed over the years, and is used not only in computer science but also in other branches such as commerce, biology, chemical industry and even in education. Through this page, how artificial intelligence benefits to society is explained in detail.

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to a branch of computer science which involves programming and simulating intelligence in machines. In other words, AI powered machines have intelligence that is similar to the human level intelligence to some extent. However, there are major caveats in this technology. Today technology equips machines with intelligence, which is limited to doing only one thing at a time. One among various AI systems, it is called Narrow AI.

When you surf the Internet for information on something related to computer science, there is a good chance that you will come across the term AI and machine learning. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but what most people do not know is that machine learning is one among the process involved in creating artificial intelligence. There are a lot of ways to create an intelligent machine.

  • Symbolic Learning: This is the oldest form of artificial intelligence and is based on the theory that states all problems in the world can be represented by symbols. It mostly uses logical decision making such as greater than, lesser than or equal to, and the general if-else function along with it. It is usually used to automate repetitive and tedious tasks which are not very complicated.
  • Statistical Learning: This is much more relevant, and is used in a lot of places in today’s world. From the AI assistants and facial recognition feature that we have in our smart phones to the plagiarism checkers that we use at work, everything that needs to recognize a pattern is made by this method of learning.
  • Machine Learning: The most recent development in AI research is the implementation of machine learning or more precisely deep learning. The term deep learning has been all over the Internet until the recent past, and it has made this technology to ascend to a whole new level. In fact, the famous autonomous vehicles and smart homes are the products of deep learning technology.
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A major reason for these developments is that computers have become faster, and therefore, are able to process huge amounts of data, which in data entry, is often referred to as big data analytics. Therefore, machines can store more data and process at a faster rate; thus, making them more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Benefits to Society

No matter how impressive the technology is, if there is no use for it, then it is a waste of time and effort. This is not at all true in the case of artificial intelligence as it is implemented in various sectors in our society. It is not only useful for industrial sectors but also for common people. Here we can look into the various positive impacts of artificial intelligence.

  • Useful in Homes: The smart home technology is a new trend in the society today, and almost everyone is trying to build one. Considering how easy it is to design one; it is not a surprise that it is popular. There are a few companies that provide these gadgets, and one can plug and play them wherever they like. Building a smart home is not just for show; it offers several benefits such as:
    • Saving electricityDetecting criminal activityAutomating your water pipes, security cameras and other devices
    • Maintaining schedules and bills, etc.
  • Self-Driving Vehicles: This technology is one of the most popular technologies that people are excited about. Though there are a few limitations on how much the self-driving cars can perform, it is still quite an amazing creation. Most people are expecting that within a few decades the roads will be filled with self-driving vehicles replacing the need for cabs and acting drivers.
  • Improving Efficiency in Industries and Companies: Manufacturing sectors have seen great developments with the implementation of robots for certain repetitive tasks. These robots improved their productivity tremendously and also cut labor costs. The same goes for companies as well. Artificial Intelligence plays a major role in their marketing departments. It helps them identify buyer patterns and also forecasts demands, which let them make crucial decisions.
  • Used in Educational Institutions: One of the major uses of artificial intelligence AI in educational institutions is the use of plagiarism checkers. Most software nowadays uses AI for plagiarism detection, which lets the teachers identify copied content in students’ assignments. Moreover, it is also used in simulating certain situations in software that is used to provide personality development and skill development training.    
  • Smart cities: Smart cities are a massive project in progress in various countries. The concept of smart city is to use various smart devices and collect data. By using these data, the government can improve them and make decisions accordingly. Though this is a simple concept, it takes a lot of resources to make a city smart.

These are some of the few benefits of AI to the society. AI has always been on the spotlight due to its uncanny ability to make calculations and predictions quickly and accurately. With the technology that we have today, it is quite easy to learn about AI and use it ourselves. After all, the more knowledge you have the better you will be able to use it. There are still several ways to make use of artificial intelligence effectively, as well as there are still developments to be made. In short, AI will play a pivotal role in the new tomorrow that awaits us.  

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