What Is the Best Way to Study for SAT?

Getting admission in a college or university generally asks for the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) scores. An entrance test, the SAT helps evaluate a high school student’s mathematical reasoning and language skills to join a college. Not knowing much about the SAT can be frightening. You have to understand its format to prepare appropriately. There is nothing unfamiliar with the concepts the SAT covers, which include those typically taught in high school. However, you find some advanced concepts included here and there. To ace it, you should know the best way to study for SAT, and here are some tips to do it.

Start Your SAT Preparation Early

To ensure that you will be well-prepared by the time the test day rolls around, you should start your SAT preparation early. The question types you encounter on the SAT need to be processed quickly for which you are required to practise time management skills. You take time to hone these skills. Using the SAT prep tests, you can learn to manage time effectively. If you are familiar with the question format in each individual section and pacing, you will be able to move along within the permitted time.

With the SAT test prep, you will also learn how to make educated guesses when you are not sure about the answer. By starting your preparation early, you learn how to trust your gut instinct. Moreover, you will also come to know different strategies learners use to crack the tests like SAT and ACT.

Take a Diagnostic Test

To prepare for the SAT, it is important to take a diagnostic test or complete Preliminary SAT (PSAT) or National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) early on. This will help you know how close you are at attaining SAT. The test exposes your weaknesses and lets you know how far you have to study to improve. The results of the pre-test show the parts you are struggling with, and give you an idea as to how much progress you have to make.

Study Using Official Resources

There are online resources to assist you in the SAT preparation. The official resources from the College Board are tailored to meet your requirements. The resources consist of videos on websites such as Bozeman Science and YouTube, which help understand the concepts well. You can take time to go through each section and focus on topics that you are not conversant with. When it comes to math sections in the SAT exam, they are categorized into “Problem Solving and Data Analysis, Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math and Additional Topics in Math”.

The best way of preparing math sections is by memorizing math facts and formulas, taking a practice test, reviewing it and using some strategies. As for the SAT reading section, learn the strategies through preparation, whether passage or time management, predicting the answer after reading the question, understanding and reviewing mistakes, etc. The writing section asks for looking at the grammar rules, which helps you eliminate the wrong answers, pick the right one, identify consistency issues, and so on.

Take Full-Length SAT Practice Tests

You need to take one SAT practice test in the beginning, and it should be a full-length practice test. This enables you to know how long it takes to complete the test, though the test is for three hours. Being one among the best ways to get ready for the SAT, you can find these practice tests on the official SAT website or other related websites. You need to take at least two or three of such tests to experience how it will be on the test day and to know what will be your indicative score.

The results of the test will give insights into what you need to concentrate on before the test date rolls around. When you take the practice test, take it under the real-time SAT test scenario by following the guidelines such as the test start and end time, avoidance of mobile phones, taking only permitted breaks, etc. 

Review the Test

Reviewing the questions is important, rather reviewing them effectively is quite essential. First, it is better to go through the questions and group them under the heads like knew, skipped and guessed. Check the numbers and start with the one that has a majority of questions you got wrong. Look for the reasons why you skipped or guessed the practice questions. You may come up with any of these things such as short of time, careless error, don’t know to solve, or comprehension issue. Depending on the issue, you can work out a solution and put in more practice to improve SAT score.  

Study Each Section

You need to record every mistake you have made in the practice test and review it. Write down all the questions you have problems dealing with for each section and try to solve them. Some helpful tips are you can concentrate on a particular section for one or more days until you have done with all the sections. Then, take another full-length practice test and review it again. One among the most important test-taking strategies is taking a practice test every week to give you enough practice. If you so desire, you can attend a SAT prep class or prep course to help yourself.

Take a Break

Most students make a common mistake of cramming too much before the test. This would be wrong even if you think that you cannot afford to lose any critical study time. Before the SAT test, you need to relax enough to make your mind free of any stress.

Get Ready for the SAT Test

It’s time you get ready for the test. You should go early to bed to have a good sleep. It is better, you wake up early to have some warmup exercises to your body, especially brain. Check the things you have to carry to the test room and remain confident all through the test. The test answer cheating is no good thing in SAT as it does not help a student in the long run. The tips or ways mentioned are the best ones to help you become successful in SAT.

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