What is the Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?

In the modern age, where digitalization has become a major theme, most businesses and organizations are turning towards digital marketing. While online marketing is efficient and covers a large audience, there is still a massive requirement for content to be published on websites. Some people involve themselves in writing content for companies to help them market their product or service. However, there are also people who write blog posts and articles giving unbiased opinions. This brings a difference between copywriting and content writing.

When the first category of writers sells a brand or product, the other category educates, informs or instructs the reader. Hence, the former is called a copywriter and the latter a content writer.

Understanding Copywriting and Content Writing

To learn the differences between the two, you need to know what content writing and copywriting are. Content writers write long articles that include several relevant keywords, which focus on the topic or the product they are writing about. Such writers usually write with an objective of having the article figure on the top pages of the search results in the search engine. A good content writer makes sure that he or she distributes the target keywords across the piece of content.

Coming back to copywriting, this type of writing usually involves short write ups for hand-outs, taglines, social media posts, e-mail marketing campaigns, etc. A major goal of copywriters is to persuade or attract potential customers and make them buy the product or service.

Difference Between the Two Types of Writing

Now that you have learned what these two types of writing are, it important to know the major differences between the two:

  1. Size of the Content

The most obvious difference between copywriting and content writing is that the size of the content in copywriting is small, whereas in content writing, the articles are usually lengthy. In other words, the word requirement for content writing is much higher than copywriting. The usual word requirement for a blog is 500 words and will increase depending on the type of content you are writing. For a landing page, the writers have to write at least thousand words. On the contrary, the content that copywriters write may be as low as 15 characters and as high as 200 words.

  • Time Period

Content writers create content that has a longer life span while copy writers create content that has a shorter life span. To elaborate, content such as blogs or articles are usually written to stay longer. However, the same cannot be said for content written for hand-outs and email campaigns. For the article to pay out, it might take a long time as it is a slow process and contributes to the marketing strategy in the long run.

  • Goal

Copywriters and content writers have different goals to achieve. The primary objective of a copywriter is to encourage impulsive buying, for the content that he or she writes remain in a person’s mind only for a short time. Furthermore, a copywriter must also make sure that a maximum number of people receive the advertisement clicks through it at least once. In short, a good copywriter makes sure that the content is not only persuasive but also eye-catching.

When it comes to content writers, they strive to promote sales of the product in the future. They make sure that the knowledge about the brand and the product reaches as many people as possible in the long run. If more people know about the brand name, there is a good chance of converting more leads in the future.

  • Who Can Do the Job

Content writing does not demand professional writers. As long as you have the knowledge and skill, you can write regardless of your profession or background. This is not the case when it comes to copywriting. It requires you to have some knowledge about creating a brochure or any marketing collateral. You need to design the content in such a way that it is attractive and compelling. The content must be able to make quick sales in a shot-time.

  • Which Type of Writing Should a Business Give Priority?

You need to have a copywriter, as well as a content writer. You can either give the job to two different employees or let them handle both. However, having a separate team for the two work can prove to be a bit more efficient as it promotes specialization. Copywriting is necessary for marketing as it promotes sales in a short-term, while the content writing helps promote your brand on the Internet. Promoting your brand leads to more sales in the long run. Therefore, both are necessary for your business, but the priority depends on the type of business and your short-term goals.

The differences given are the major ones. However, there is always a lot of confusion between copywriting and content writing, so it is better to agree that they are important for a business to run smoothly.

Avoid Plagiarism in Copywriting and Content Writing

No matter what the differences are, the fact still remains that the two are still content, and therefore, it will fall under copyright protection. Copywriting content such as taglines and pictures are protected under copyright, and hence, they need to be checked using advanced duplicate content checkers. As for content, it goes without saying that checking for plagiarism is a must. Avoiding plagiarism is an important guideline that every content creator has to follow. For the purpose, it is important that he or she must have a good plagiarism checker under his belt. Most people do not know the difference between copywriting and content writing. For anyone in this field, they are high-profile writing and have their own features that make them distinctive. In fact, a majority of people do not know the term copywriting. Regardless of the differences, both copywriting and content writing are major aspects of this digital world.

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