Which is The Most Trusted Plagiarism Checker?

trusted plagiarism checker

The trusted plagiarism checkers:

A plagiarism checker that can be trusted and yet applied strategically is difficult to find these days. Plagiarism checkers have sprung up like mushrooms presently. So to choose which is the most trusted plagiarism checker is a tough job. Yet this can be done by keeping in mind certain minute details.

Throughout the internet several options for plagiarism check is available. Duplicate data is not always included deliberately. It is sometimes unknowingly put into content to enrich the same. Besides this, even deliberate endeavors are noticed. Those are the results of weak and lazy minds. Such products need a definite double-check. For them, a plagiarism checker is a curse. Whether a boon or a bane, trusted plagiarism checkers help improve search engine and web pages. After discovering the same, SEO factors rule web contents. So for that online plagiarism checkers are necessary. A detailed yet crisp discussion is required about some reputed free plagiarism checkers. Several paid and updated versions are also available for professionals and businessmen.

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  1. Dupli checker- A thesis or a research paper requires the best possible presentation and use of phrases. Duplichecker does the job to a great extent without a paid version. This software checker has anyway no paid version but unquestionably provides the basic services to check plagiarism. The writing can be checked in 2 ways: either by uploading a document file or by simply copy and paste of the same piece of writing. Maximum 50 articles can be checked and verified in a day for registered candidates. Teachers and students are hugely benefited by this.
  2. Copyleaks: another superbly designed plagiarism checker is CopyLeaks. This free plagiarism checker is ideally and specifically designed for educational, research or business purpose. The software even provides a mobile app version of the same with an MS Office add-on. This addition of MS Word helps the writer to check and verify her writing while she is writing down the piece. It saves a lot of time and a separate recheck and verification will not be required. The ease and smoothness of the use of this software are only available in the paid version. This plagiarism software delivers accurate result even within its free version and is relied on by many.
  3. Paperrater: this similar type of software has a greater utility. The search and verification are done in lieu of one’s own writing only. Copy paste or upload a docx file, it shows the same result and the user gets the best benefit out of it. Paperrater has both paid or premium and free version. The free version itself provides an ample amount of plagiarism check, like from vocabulary check to grammatical errors, duplicate content in use of phrases and words. But what it does not provide, unfortunately, is the checked version of writing that cannot be saved. One has to rely on the online version, to mark and correct the errors.
  4. Plagiarism checker: The app with the same name, as is its work, is used widely all over the world. This software checks plagiarism in its real sense. Besides checking if one has copied or plagiarized with an article, it even gives the researcher an opportunity to find whether anybody else has stolen his or her own piece of writing. But then again this software also has no paid version or the checked document can only be seen online. It can’t be downloaded.
  5. Plagiarisma: An easy and basic plagiarism checker tool, the software is used by professionals from different fields. It supports 190 languages and duplicate content can be deciphered from a wide range of information. The free version helps check plagiarism through its URL online support or by copy-paste of any document, needing plagiarism check. Now, why is it one of the most trusted plagiarism checker? It has a limited facility in its free version, but a basket full of opportunities in its premium version. Certainly, the paid version too comes up with a variety of exciting plans and packages reaching the demand of every customer.
  6. Plagscan: This software is fully online and requires no download. Similarly, the checker checks for copied contents in 3 simple ways. First, by simple copy paste of the file on can search the plagiarized texts. Secondly, by the support of URL or online check, the same can be done. And last but not the least, by uploading a file from the computer the original content can be saved.  It is a totally paid software version of plagiarism check. Though the up-gradation and processes that follow are a bit complicated, yet one can safely rely on this and business firms can integrate the checker in several contents of their own.
  7. Plagtracker: Supporting 6 languages throughout the world, the software checker comes to the advantage and help of many users like students, businessmen etc. the users are provided with the information of what sites to be followed and which parts need rectification. In the free version, online upload of documents for plagiarism check is not available. While the paid version comes up with every process of plagiarism check.
  8. Quetext: Another free and online version of plagiarism check is Quetext. It provides with the basic facilities and tools and is student-friendly.
  9. Viper: Since free versions are hugely popular amongst users and especially students, this free software plagiarism checker adds another feather to the academicians and teachers who wish to avoid plagiarism.
  10. Plagum: Copy-paste the content and the software checks in 2 different ways, a basic search and a deep search of duplicate contents. Though limited facilities are provided by the free version. The most useful ways are available in the paid versions.

How do you avoid plagiarism in written content?

Don’t Start Late: Often copied contents are found in a write-up because the writer is hurrying up and not doing enough research for the write-up. Hence, it is important to start writing the content much before the deadline so that when the deadline is approaching one does not have to speed up and do less research and produce a plagiarized paper.

Get engaged with the Author/s of the Original Source: If one is a blogger then he/she can definitely hyperlink the source of the original content, from where he/she has taken the idea within their blogs. Along with increasing the credibility and the reliability of the content one can have engagement from the author, which in return can increase the visibility and the views of the blogging site.

Reread Properly Before Paraphrasing: Avoiding plagiarism depends largely on the way one paraphrase a content and that can only be possible if one reread his/her sources again and again. In this way one can easily avoid using someone else’s words and language and rereading and researching more can help the writer to design their content in a proper way, without making it look like a copied content.

Have Good Control over the Language: If the writer has good control over the language he/she is using to produce content then he/she can easily avoid duplicate content in the write up as a good control means having good control over the vocabulary, this one should easily come up with the synonym of a particular word in order to avoid using the same word used by another writer.

Thus, this can be another way of getting rid of the plagiarized content and these are helpful even though there are plagiarism checkers for students and teachers both as it later lessens the work of replacing the plagiarized content from the document.


Every premium plagiarism checker, mentioned above comes up with affordable and interesting prices and offers for users to avail the same. Interestingly, the software is designed and put to use in a way so that customers are hugely interested and motivated to use such software and curb stealing of creativity. One’s honest effort cannot be the ladder for other’s fake success and achievements. It results a total disrespect for creation and creator. Undoubtedly, the deliberate ones should be curbed to the extent so that those become obsolete.

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