Why Is Plagiarism Important? Is It Not the Easy Way Out?

What does the word “kidnapper” mean to most people? Well, according to most people’s ordinary knowledge kidnapper is that particular person who abducts children. It has no connection with writing an academic paper or any content unless one is writing fiction. Here is a quick guide on Why is Plagiarism Important.

However, plagiarism has a Latin root as it has its derivation from the word ‘plagiarus,’ meaning ‘kidnapper.’ Hence, one can say plagiarism is related to the standard terms such as ‘theft,’ ‘piracy,’ ‘forgery’ or ‘fraud.’


So, what exactly is plagiarism? Well, plagiarism is the presentation of one’s work as one’s own intentionally or unintentionally. It encompasses a work that does not have an acknowledgment for the original writer. Then it is a wrong demonstration of one’s work. It can occur at any stage in the process of research.

Know About The Types of Plagiarism

The standard and usual forms of plagiarism are:

Direct Plagiarism

Word-by-word copy from somebody’s paper without any acknowledgment or quotation is direct plagiarism. It reflects sheer academic dishonesty.


Self-plagiarism is reusing one’s work that is already used or published in the past. It involves reusing the old data, which can lack relevance and mislead the readers.

Mosaic Plagiarism:

It encapsulates such work where words or phrases of an original author are there without a quotation. Not only one author but several author’s works are combined to build a writeup. Therefore, the writer here takes credit for the work done by several other people.

Accidental Plagiarism:

It occurs when the author neglects or unintentionally misquotes the sources.

Why Do People Plagiarize?

According to researches and observations, there are several grave reasons for plagiarism. It could be a genuine reason too. However, in most cases of plagiarism, whatever be the case, the intention is academic dishonesty. The motives stated most frequently include:

  • The ever-lasting desire to score high.
  • The fear of failure, which often gets entangled with the meaning of success, knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Lack of time management.
  • Assignments are turning out into a tedious exercise.
  • Workload.
  • Lack of understanding making things confusing enough to understand.
  • Lack of motivation to work on new ideas.
  • Over-confidence

Hence, it is highly recommended to comprehend plagiarism because it has adverse effects on the writers. At an early stage, the students do not have a clear idea about duplicate content, and they make mistakes without knowledge. Therefore, they replicate from another writer because of the crunch of assignment submission or meeting the deadline.

All Rights Copyright Reserved

Moreover, the students believe they will score better if they copy from published articles or journals. Plagiarism is an offensive action, especially in terms of protecting the original piece. That is why many writers opt for copyright laws that can protect their content.

Why Is It Important to Cite Sources?

Plagiarism is an unofficial practice done without proper acknowledgment. An unethical duplicate content is considered offensive, and one can be punished lawfully. Therefore, it seizes the uniqueness and reliability of the content of the sources, not appropriately cited.

The writer or the students must value any such work they are using as a reference. It affects the writer’s mindset and obstructs one from thinking out of the box. Hence, they are to be made aware of the consequences of plagiarism.

They must be thoroughly alert of it. The original reference enriches a text but can spoil a writer’s image if the writer does not provide appropriate credit to the source creator. So, even intentional duplicacy can lead to misfortune.

stop palagiarism

An acknowledgment or maintaining a proper Bibliography should be the gesture of a dedicated writer. The intention to plagiarize makes the person unethical. In the present plagiarism scenario, the institutions have also figured out various ways to examine a paper to assess plagiarism. There are different online duplicate checking websites to check if the document is plagiarized.

For instance, scanning the content through Copyleaks can answer if the homework has been copied or not within 20seconds. Duplicate content checking platforms, such as Copyleaks, helps in preventing Copyright Infringement.

How to Write a Paper Without Plagiarizing

For copied content, a writer must be a sincere writer who has the honest intention to research and create his own. For this, certain factors are to be remembered, which are

  • Maintain a track of the sources used for references during the research program
  • Adding footnotes if any words or termed used
  • Acknowledgment to the original author and naming other works of the same for the reference list
  • Using a plagiarism checker before submission

Every researcher or any writer possesses uniqueness in him/her, but the same is not expressed for various reasons, which leads to plagiarism. Expressing the central theme of a paper using one’s idea is always more relevant and preferred. Therefore, to do that, one can paraphrase another writer’s meaning and thoughts using richer vocabulary.

Moreover, there are varieties of paraphrasing tools available online that help in avoiding plagiarism. However, if one wants to submit a paper with quality content, it is advisable to avoid such tools if one is concerned about producing quality content.

Plagiarism Checker Can Help in Plagiarism Prevention

One can use the plagiarism checker to prevent plagiarism. As such, a tool shall help one to improvise more on the vocabularies and grammar checking. Being aware of the proper citation techniques and rules is also meaningful for a writer.

In-depth research to have a clear picture of the assignment is always the best measure that the students should take. Moreover, research on new words used can equip content free from plagiarism. Maintaining the reference list is significant as a list of all information sources used while writing the paper. Mentioning of the publication every time include ideas of another writer additionally.

There is another option of a custom writer to help one in writing a paper. Another person writes custom work, and it is not the same as copying from a book as it is written from scratch. In that case, only good sources are mentioned for the research paper. This extra academic help is a reasonable solution than plagiarising.

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