Why plagiarized content is harmful? Tips and examples to avoid plagiarism.

Do you want to know about the most disgraceful thing in the digital world? It is plagiarism. Some people even don’t know how bad is this.

As they are unaware of what is plagiarism in actuality so, they are also unaware of how bad and disgraceful is this.

We are not wrong if we say that plagiarized content is very harmful to the ranking of a website or even the blog posts of that website.

The good thing is some methods can easily make your content plagiarism-free and these steps are way very simple.

It is important to share the effects of plagiarism and its solutions as well so, you can have a look at these two things.

Steps to know to prevent plagiarism

When we talk about anything, we need to know some steps that are very important same as some steps must be known about plagiarism.

The very first thing is what is plagiarism and the answer is discussed above, you can have a look at that.

The second thing is how can plagiarism appear in content because many people get confused over it.

And the third thing is how you can check the percentage of plagiarism that occurred in your content or we can say that you must be known about the websites like Copyleaks plagiarism checker.

The last but not the least thing is how it can be removed and it is something most important and should be concerned about.

Effects of plagiarism

There is not a single effect of plagiarized content but we have various effects in which de-ranking, spoiled reputation, and many more things are included.

You will never use plagiarized content when you will be known about how bad is using plagiarized content.

You can also use an article rewriter to make your content unique and what may appear to many “plagiarism-free” but don’t forget, this is not an acceptable standard in academic writing.

Ranking drops:

When you are owning a website, the first thing that is important for you is your ranking and you need to be very clear and conscious about it.

And we can surely claim that plagiarized content can easily drop down your rankings. Then your website may never get higher in the search engine.

It is not over here, even you are using someone’s image; you will be charged for using plagiarized content so, be careful and use your assets.

Other than ranking, there are some more things like when you’re going to make, you’re your assignments, you can surely use Copyleaks for education.

Reputation will be spoiled:

Your reputation decides how long will you survive in an industry so, you should be careful about to and avoid the steps that can destroy your reputation.

Some webmasters or writers don’t even bother to write unique content, they are only concerned about the content and avoid the uniqueness.

They are surely putting their reputation at risk and this is something very harmful to their websites and for their reputation as well.

Keep it in your mind that for a short period you will surely get benefited but be ready to get invisible from the search engine’s result pages.

But reputation is not the only thing that can be destroyed by using plagiarized content, we have many more things to be concerned about.

Low ranking:

It can be something serious when you get low traffic or no traffic on your website and this is all because of using plagiarized content.

The policy is quite simple that when google finds out the copied content, it will immediately drop your ranking and that’s why you may not get any traffic on your website.

Now you can see that things are getting worse and it’s an eye-opening reminder that does not use plagiarized content if you want to rank on SERP.

And when you don’t have traffic on the website, you cannot compete with your competitors so, the choice is yours.

Types of plagiarism

There are some types of plagiarism but keep in mind that each type is harmful and does not prefer to use but you can read about these types.

We are going to share the details of the basic three types of plagiarism which are quite common and the most harmful.

Each type must be under you’re your concern and not you can easily check your business documents with the help of Copyleaks for business.

Direct plagiarism:

It is quite clear from the name that it must be the worst kind of plagiarism and it is damn true about this type of plagiarism.

So, when you don’t even bother to change a single comma of the content and copied as it is then it is termed direct plagiarism.

Detection of direct plagiarism can simultaneously de-rank your website without notifying you and that’s the worst scenario.


Sometimes, your writing style may be a reason for getting plagiarism in your content like you may be addicted to using some words in every article, which is also a reason for plagiarism.

Your data may be matched by the content which is written and posted by yourself and this is known as self-plagiarism.

Partial plagiarism:

When you copied some of the content and add your content to it then we can title it as partial plagiarism but keep in mind it is also harmful to your website.

Each type of plagiarism has the same effect so, you need to stay away from every kind of plagiarism.

Steps to avoid plagiarism

As we mentioned above that the good thing about plagiarism is you can easily remove it from your content just by following some steps.

These steps are discussed below and you can read them to maintain your ranking and uniqueness of your content.

Use your own words:

Everyone has the capability of thinking and generate their own words and making a sequence of those words.

We can say that the word sequence cannot be the same for two people so, you need to write your words and you are all set to get free from the charge of using plagiarized content.

Use tools:

Many tools can be very helpful for making your content unique and appropriate according to the policy of Google.

First of all, you should check the plagiarism on a tool then you can eliminate the plagiarism from your content.

These tools are somehow free but there are also paid versions available of these tools. It depends on your usage that you need paid tool or a free one.


When we talk about paraphrasing, we can say that paraphrasing is also a type of plagiarism and it is not encouraging.

We also have some of the ranked paraphrasing tool which helps us to paraphrase the content so well, we can easily use these types of tools to rephrase the content.

But when we check this content with the best plagiarism checker like Copyleaks, it will still show plagiarism in it because this plagiarism checker is very smart and efficient.

It’s better not to use paraphrasing tools because a smart plagiarism checker will easily find out the paraphrased lines in your content.

Use citations:

Citations can leave a good impression on your viewers. When you leave a good impression on your audience then they can easily trust you.

And keep in mind that trust is the first building block of success so, you must place this block in the right place and enjoy making people trust you.

You can also quote some famous sayings of the motivational speakers in the inverted commas.

Bottom line

We have many factors that affect your reputation and can lower your rankings and plagiarism is one of them so, be very conscious about it.

Two things can be at risk; one is the traffic and the second is your professional reputation, you need both of them to maintain your credibility.

Focusing on these two things, we discussed some of the causes, effects, and how to avoid them. These will help you out.

We also discussed some of the useful tools that can surely make you free from the charge of plagiarism.

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