Why SEO Is Actually All About Content Marketing

We all want our sites to perform the best. They are our creation that we want the world to see and appreciate. We may choose different strategies in order to do so. Some of us use SEO and some prefer content marketing.

In this article, we are going to busy ourselves with the question of how different and similar those marketing strategies are, and is it possible to do one without the other.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It means that SEO`s main task is to make your site appear at the top of search results.

Users are quite lazy when it comes to searching for information. With loads of articles and products that are actually similar, there is no sense in scrolling to the next page of google searches or reading more than five articles. SEO experts are trying to do their best to make the website appear higher in the searches so that it will not get lost among others. The main tools are keywords, frequent website updating, link building, social media integration, frequency of producing the content, and website URL restructuring.

Effective Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are quite a lot of applications and software that help SEO professionals all around the world to be the best in their business and to track all the updates (which are coming out too often, to be honest). For example, one can use Moz or Ahrefs. Both of these tools have an amazing tool kit: site audit, which reveals all the problems with SEO and gives advice on fixing them, rank tracking, that helps you to see how your keywords work and which ones are the most effective, and keyword research, that spares your time by providing target keywords. Technology really manages to do your job. Moz also has managed to build a friendly community of SEO experts. You can share your experience, exchange the best practices, and just be grumpy about the exciting but complicated life of SEO professionals.

Importance of SEO and Content Marketing

Content marketing is about providing the most relevant and valuable information that will later converse into a customer buying a product of the brand that is being promoted. The main focuses are the validity and engagement level of the content produced. It should be understandable and written, based on the target audience: whether you write for professionals or beginners has a huge impact, for example.

Two of these strategies are quite different and very similar at the same time. There are marketers who think about both as the same thing. There are ones who believe that those are completely different and can not co-exist.

Before we prove how important that both strategies must go hand-in-hand and one is useless without the other, let’s get a hint of why there are people who differentiate Search engine optimization and content marketing.

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Difference Between SEO and Content Management: Easily Explained

Different Audience

First, SEO and content marketing have two absolutely different audiences. The first one is aimed at search engines. SEO marketers focus on optimizing content for Google or Yandex or other sites that people usually think about when they need explanations immediately. Content marketing takes into account the needs of the reader. This strategy works to please alive people which is much more difficult than satisfying technology.

Different Goals

Second, the goals are different too. SEO does everything possible to attract visitors, to pump up the traffic. Content marketing is about retaining customers, making them want to stay on the website and convince them to buy something.

Different Degree of Creativity Needed

Third, SEO and content marketing involve different parts of your brain. By that we mean, that the first one involves lots of data, analysis, and precise numbers. It is designed to please machinery so it is not such a big surprise that it is about analytics and logic. Machinery operates with algorithms, after all. As we have mentioned before, people are much harder to please. It is difficult to understand the reasons why they spend more time on one website than the other. Figuring out how to make them choose your product is even trickier. Content marketing is a bit wider and involves lots of creativity and trying out the best strategies, topics, and formats. Consequently, your creativity is the key to success. It might be confusing for those who like to dig into hard data.

Different Ways of Promotion

Fourth, SEO is about building backlinks. This kind of promotion is sometimes believed to be not working anymore, however, it does work and will always do. Content marketing is about getting inbound links from readers who found your content awesome enough to recommend it to their friends and family. Excited readers promote you on social media and by talking about the relevant information that you shared.

Now that we know the main differences which are the target audience, aims, and tools, the way you build up your marketing strategy, it is the right time to finally know why SEO is all about content marketing. We are going to take a look at how they are related and why SEO is useless without content. Moreover, we will get to know why content is useless without SEO.

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What Makes SEO and Content Marketing So Similar and So Codependent

Basically, some might say that Content marketing is SEO but practical. With Search Engine Optimization you have to think about keywords, headlines, and titles: how many of those you should use, which ones are the best, what are attention-grabbing, yet relevant for search engines. All the knowledge that you have acquired is then used in the content. SEO requires articles and copies in order to make this knowledge relevant. Moreover, knowing where and when to use the keywords in order to make it not about being on top of Google results but about readers enjoying the content as well as a task of content marketing.

SEO, in fact, can not exist without content marketing. You could use a bunch of keywords without any context but it is going to be just nasty. You do appear first but what happens after a user has clicked on the link? Surprise, they will close it in mere seconds and ignore the result with your site whenever they are looking for answers on their questions or solutions to their problems. In order to create a well-optimized content, you can use tools such as SE Ranking keyword grouping tool or its alternatives. 

SE Ranking keyword grouping tool analyzes the SERP results for various queries that match the pages on your site and divides thousands of keywords into groups and subgroups. Moreover, it eliminates irrelevant or repetitive keywords creating the ready-to-use clusters for your website. With the help of this tool, you can also check the keywords’ search volume to effectively distribute the clusters among the pages.

Quality Content Is a Top Strategy for SEO

In fact, quality content is a top strategy for SEO. Especially now, when a new Google update has just rolled, it becomes obvious that Google values engaging and interesting content more than anything. It’s also imperative to ensure all content is unique and has not been duplicated on another site. If any content has been duplicated, your search rank will be affected.

Good Content Should Be Well-Researched and Optimized

At the same time, you may have the most amazing content that is well-researched, provides a unique point of view on a variety of topics, and you may post an interview with knowing experts. However, if your website is not optimized, people will not get to your unique and credible information. As simple as that, they will read a bunch of basic articles that were optimized specifically to appear right at the top.


We have clearly stated the definitions of both search engine optimization and content marketing and uncovered a deeper understanding of the differences that make these marketing strategies unique. However, no matter how different they are, they are still intangible. They must be used together, as keywords without context will only confuse a reader, and will not result in the content’s optimization.

So, if you are questioning which strategy you should use, go for both and get the best results that you can! 

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