How to Rock the Semester Post Spring Break

How to Rock the Semester Post Spring Break

Returning from spring break is sometimes a week filled with dread. With papers and exams looming in the next few weeks it can be easy to sink back into a slump. Follow these steps to owning your papers and routine the final months of this semester!

Get Ahead, Now

You’re too busy uploading photos and checking out your friends’ instagram’s over the past week to get everything done? Think again. Use those #springbreakforever moments as motivation to get a head start on any essays that are due the final week of exams period. Your essay mode self will thank you later.

A Different Kind of Snap

After sending your stressed finals snap and third Starbucks coffee pic, taking a photo of your essay will be second nature. Download our mobile app on Android or iOS to simply set and snap your essay and scan for plagiarism before submitting those essays to your teachers.

Craft Your Schedule

Time is precious and between classes, part-time jobs, and extracurriculars it is important to create a schedule that you can keep up with. Map out how the finals week will be by putting in the due dates, estimated study days, and final club meet-ups. This simple task can eliminate even minor stress so you can focus on the tasks that matter. Then, you can fill in the rest of the time for working out (yoga too), fun time with friends, and general relaxing.

Make the return from spring break more easy by following these few steps and you’ll be thankful you planned ahead when you had the time.

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