Writing Guide: How to Write Thesis Statements?

Students who write various academic papers in a university or college need to follow a format. A thesis statement is essential for any research paper, and most students find it difficult for a lack of understanding. This page helps you write thesis statements effectively for different types of student papers.  

Write Thesis Statements

What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement shows what a reader can expect from the author in the rest of the essay or it shows how the author will interpret the magnitude of the topic under discussion. When a thesis statement forthrightly answers the question, it also claims it, which others may dispute. It is written in one or two sentences, and in the end of the introductory paragraph of an essay. By writing a thesis statement, you give an opinion or develop a claim about a topic, and add supporting points related to it.

What paper or assignment you write hardly matters; if you want to interpret, demonstrate, analyze, compare and contrast, or state your opinion on an issue, you are likely to write a thesis statement and support it persuasively.

Step-by-Step Guide to Write a Thesis

Once you have decided the topic for your essay or if the topic is given, you have to think and write a thesis statement, which helps give a direction and structure to the essay. Here are the steps to create a strong thesis.

  • Step 1: Think About the Main Point You Want to State in Your Essay

For this, you need to do some research, and it is better to do it in your field. It helps you think easily about the themes or patterns. As you find them, write them; it is better to have a controversial or interesting subject. For instance, you can choose a topic like “Technology will completely replace the teacher in the classroom in the future”. The statement has two keywords – “technology” and “education” -, which control the direction of your writing. To have a better idea of the topic, you can ask yourself, “Do you think technology can completely take over a teacher’s place in the classroom in the distant future?”

  • Step 2: Write a Statement That Addresses Your Question

After framing the question, the next step is to write a thesis statement. If you want to research, you can very well do it. Most freelance writers or researchers will have a rough thesis statement to help them guide the writing process. You may write a tentative thesis statement for the question written earlier as:

The increasing use of technology and its influence can be seen in the classroom. However, technology will never replace the teacher in the foreseen future.” 

When writing your thesis, you need to determine the type of essay you are writing. It may be:

  • an argumentative essay, which gives the main idea and makes a clear and direct assertion about the problem
  • an expository essay, which leads the reader to a new subject and provides descriptions or details to help the reader learn more about the subject.
  • an analytical essay, which answers what, why or how about the claim you make. It states what the claim is and how it is supported.

To start with, you can determine the research question or main point to help you conduct targeted research. You can frame a question with the main point for all types of essays mentioned earlier. In the case of an argumentative essay, a good thesis statement should be  

  • Focused like in the example given:

“Children should avoid consuming fast food because regular consumption of it leads to serious health issues such as obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and heart disease.”

  • Debatable as shown in the example:

“Homeless people in San Francisco should be helped with new shelters under the new Housing Units for Unhoused Scheme and access to services like camping facilities, food donations and jobs for unemployed to improve their life.”

  • Takes a Stand as in the example:

“Secondhand smoke has higher chances of causing cancer and heart disease; hence, smoking should be banned at public places.”

  • Makes Claims With Supporting Points

“Children should not have mobile phones for they do not need them; they distract them from what they are doing, and affect their communication skills.”

Writing a statement in your words may sometimes cause unintentional plagiarism. You can use an anti-plagiarism software to ensure that it is the original content before going to the next step.

Write Thesis Statements
  • Step 3: Support the Statement With Reasons and Examples

Your research process should gather momentum to help you collect necessary information to support your argument with reasons and specific examples. All through the research, you have to keep gathering the facts and evidence to support your point. This will also assist you in refining your thesis statement later, where you have the final thesis statement with the important points supporting your argument. Based on the thesis statement given above, you can have the supporting reason and example as:

“A technology-driven teacher cannot cater to the needs of students. For instance, the use of the advanced robot, Honda Asimov, in the classroom, failed to interpret basic physical cues, and thus, could not alter any study plans or a teaching method in a dynamic learning environment based on the students’ needs.”

How to Avoid Plagiarizing When Writing a Thesis Statement?

It is not necessary that you should be an expert writer to avoid plagiarized content. There are chances that you may commit plagiarism unintentionally. When you research and borrow ideas from other sources, you tend to use the same words or sentence structure. To avoid doing it, paraphrase them in your own words. This will help avoid having duplicate content when conducting plagiarism checking on a free plagiarism checker.

You can improve your sentences by running a plagiarism test, which is by finding a reliable online plagiarism checker. All you have to do is to upload your paper or copy-paste the test on the given space, click on the “check plagiarism button” and wait for the plagiarism report. Using an advanced plagiarism scanner, you can conduct an extensive search across the Internet scanning a range of data available on search engines and ensure that the write thesis statements are free of any plagiarized content.   

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