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In law, accuracy is everything.

Protect against copyright and brand infringement while ensuring legitimacy, authority, and accuracy with the Copyleaks plagiarism detector for legal documents.

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Legal Plagiarism

Whether you’re a lawyer, paralegal, or anyone else in the legal field, law plagiarism checkers play a significant role in your work. From referring to pre-existing documents to building litigation on previous arguments that have proven successful, ensuring originality and preventing plagiarism not only leads to success for you and your firm but also protects your reputation. 


Utilizing AI-powered software, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently scan trillions of pages for plagiarism in multiple forms, including paraphrasing. You can even compare previously published work against the vast array of data available on the internet and contained within the Copyleaks database. After each scan, you’re provided with a thorough, interactive report containing the source which was plagiarized, the percentage of similarity, highlighted passages, and more.

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The Copyleaks Similarity Reports

Get a clear, comprehensive, and fully interactive similarity report for every scan. After the report is generated, you can customize it to see only relevant information, including a side-by-side comparison that shows a full breakdown of identical, similar, and paraphrased text. Plus, you can choose to share the plagiarism findings report with team members, clients, and freelance professionals working.

More Than Just Plagiarism Detection

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Go Beyond Word-for-Word Plagiarism Detection

Broaden your search with the only platform that:

  • Detects multiple forms of paraphrasing
  • Performs image-based text plagiarism thanks to OCR technology
  • Exposes attempts to deceive detection software
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Easy API Integration
to Your Native Platform

Bring the power of Copyleaks to your native platform with customizable API integration, keeping your sensitive documents safe, secure, and within your environment.

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The One (and only) Platform that Reads Source Code

Copyleaks is the only platform available that can detect source code plagiarism in over 20 coding languages. In addition, our cloud-based software can read over 100 human languages, making it one of the most extensive plagiarism detection platforms available.

Keep Your Internal Content & Data Secure and With You

Keep complete control over your data and internal documents with a Copyleaks Private Repository. You’ll be able to grant team members access to the repository and allow them to scan and compare their new content against any saved internal documents to ensure originality.

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You’re getting the most
Thorough Search Results

To help you detect different levels of content authenticity and ownership, including paraphrased content, each scan you perform searches trillions of pages of original content within the Copyleaks database, along with:

  • 16,000+ academic journals
  • 60 trillion+ websites
  • 1M+ internal documents
  • 20+ code data repositories
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A Platform that Works with
Multiple File Formats

SiteCompare lets you compare two websites for any instances of copyright and trademark infringement, providing you with a comprehensive breakdown of any potentially plagiarized content.

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Security & Privacy

With so much sensitive data in legal documents, keeping your data and privacy secure is a top priority. That’s why we ensure your safety with a cloud-based system architecture, military-grade 256-bit encryption with SSL connection, and 100% data transferred using secure channels (HTTP)

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