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Thoroughly compare two websites for plagiarized & similar content.

Comparing two websites

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You can compare and contrast possible content similarities and duplication between two websites (including identical, similar, and paraphrased text).

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You get a detailed comparison report pinpointing the duplicate content and the similarity percentage.

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You get customized, upfront pricing with expert customer support for any questions you might have about the results.

How It Works

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Submit the two website domains/URLs.​

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Receive a customized quotation and an estimated time to process your request.​

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The comparison results will be delivered within 2-5 days.​

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Get access to a full breakdown of results.​

The Data You Get After Website Comparison

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The diff checker results folder will contain:

  • Summary sheet
  • Comparative report with detailed results
  • Downloadable files that can serve as proof for further action

Our results often serve as demonstrable evidence for:

  • Trademark infringement and unfair competition claims
  • SEO-related content theft
  • Copyright Infringement Cases
  • DMCA Takedown

*It is important to note that SiteCompare can only crawl publicly available web pages. However, crawling private websites, databases, and repositories may be possible at an additional cost. Our representative will be able to help you with this request.

Why Copyleaks?

We are the only solution that can detect paraphrasing in multiple forms.

We are the only platform that can detect plagiarism in source code.

We’re the only platform that can detect image-based text plagiarism using OCR technology.

Copyleaks is the only platform that can expose attempts to deceive detection software.

Copyleaks is the only platform that assigns a dedicated Customer Success Team to help you every step of the way.

Our clients love us; we have a 97+% renewal rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SiteCompare allows you to compare two websites against one another and audit the content to uncover any similar or duplicate content.

A website comparison tool is a text comparison option that helps find duplicate content between two different websites.

In the event that a third-party website, or even your own, has similar content, having a full report of all the similarities can help you identify duplicate content.