Angesichts der zunehmenden Verwendung von GenAI beim Codieren führt Copyleaks Codeleaks ein, den ersten Quellcode-KI-Detektor seiner Art

NEW YORK, NY – November 9, 2023Copyleaks, the leader in plagiarism identification, AI-content detection, and GenAI governance platform, today announced the expansion of its product suite with the release of Codeleaks Source Code AI Detector, the market’s most comprehensive and only solution that identifies AI-generated source code and provides key licensing details, helping mitigate potential infringement, ensuring full code transparency, and keeping proprietary code secure.

AI-generated source code is gaining prominence, fueled by platforms such as ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot. A recent AWS and MIT study
1 shows that 40% of Chief Data Officers worldwide are focusing on GenAI for software engineering applications, like code generation. The recent layoffs at Stack Overflow further underscore this shift, as coders increasingly turn to AI-powered tools. 

As a result, concerns around proprietary code security and potential code plagiarism are rising. For example,
GitHub acknowledges that, at times, its generated code from Copilot may contain publicly available source code that falls under a copyleft license, such as GPL v3, unknowingly causing a developer’s entire generated code to be open-source, even if that code is proprietary. With its latest release, Copyleaks aims to alleviate that risk along with others.

With Codeleaks, users can proactively have full source code transparency and ensure originality with the only solution that: 

  • Detects AI-generated source code with 99.8% accuracy 
  • Determines if code has been plagiarized or modified
  • Provides licensing alerts for copyright clearance across multiple code repositories, including GitHub, Stack Overflow, etc. 

“As AI expands its reach and capabilities, new opportunities arise. While AI-generated code isn’t exactly new, the advancements in the AI models that write it are. But with that advancement comes advanced risk as well,” said Alon Yamin, CEO and Co-founder of Copyleaks. “There are now numerous accounts of proprietary code being compromised on account of AI and reports of portions of code being plagiarized or modified by AI models, resulting in unintended copyright infringement. With Codeleaks, just as with our
AI-Inhaltsdetektor und GenAI Governance offering, we aim to address these concerns so everyone worldwide can confidently navigate the world of AI and can proactively mitigate risk and ensure full transparency in all they do.”

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Über Copyleaks

Dedicated to creating secure environments to share ideas and learn confidently, Copyleaks is an AI-based text analysis company used by businesses, educational institutions, and millions of individuals around the world to identify potential plagiarism in over 100 languages, uncover AI-generated content, ensure responsible generative AI adoption, verify authenticity and ownership, and empower error-free writing. 

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Study by AWS and the MIT Chief Data Officer Symposium titled, “CDO Agenda 2024: Navigating Data and Generative AI Frontiers”