How to Avoid Plagiarism in Programming With Codeleaks From Copyleaks?

With programming gaining a lot of significance among students in computer science classes, more and more students join the course only to find it difficult and give up later. Programming in this digital age is found everywhere, and one learns it to develop creative thinking, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and more. When more and more […]

Programming Similarity Checker: Keep Your Programming Free of Non-Original Codes

Codes form the basic structure of a program. These are like commands that outline the functioning of the application. It is vital to write the code in an efferent manner to develop a seamless application. The programming code similarity checker checks the code for plagiarism and helps to fix the necessary errors. Students learning the […]

Do You Use Moss to Check Code Similarity? Time to Upgrade!

MOSS Code checker stands for measure of software similarity. It automatically checks all the source code programs solutions to check for similarity. Coding is currently trending among those working with big digital media platforms or developers designing entire e-commerce websites. There is a high chance that coders may use similar software or similar codes for […]