Education & Ethics: Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity

Fact-finding Study: Consequences of COVID-19 on Global Academic Integrity. How Is Plagiarism Becoming Worse In the Current Times? Academic integrity is so downgraded these days, and there is an urgent need for improvisation. Writing a research paper has become as easy as the internet has a wide variety of information available. The present education system […]

How to Improve Journalism Writing With the Help of Plagiarism Checkers

Newspapers, journals, magazines require a journalistic style of writing which is primarily objective. A magazine or newspaper caters to different types of news. Hence the platter may have different styles of writing. In journalism, writing style can matter from one writing to another. The journalistic style does not mean that a journalist only needs to […]

5 Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Next Telugu Write-Up

Plagiarism is a form of intellectual theft. When a student or a writer uses parts of another writer’s writing and passes it off as their own without proper credit, it is called plagiarism. Nowadays, technology has made publication easier and less costly. Many writers now prefer online platforms to publish their works because they can […]

Plagiarism in College: Types, Awareness, and Prevention

Plagiarism is not a new construct. Students have been found copying text from sources without citations in the past. However, the startling rise in the number of students caught plagiarizing every year is a matter of grave concern. Plagiarism in college shows the lack of academic integrity. Students‘ academic record is affected due to plagiarism, […]

5 Famous Plagiarism Cases in India You Must Know About

Plagiarism always denotes Imitation of one’s writing or thought. One can be motivated and get the idea to create something new from existing writing. But, that newly created writing must be unique with its message. Otherwise, it can contribute to the plagiarism cases in India. There is always a tendency to avoid plagiarism. When a […]

The Dangers of Plagiarism and Strategies to Prevent It

Many of us find ourselves in the need of plagiarism checking services and want to make sure our writing pieces are up to the highest standard. To do this, many use Essayexaminer. But why do we go through such measures to write plagiarism-free content? Why do we need to adhere to the strict rules and […]

Plagiarism Policies in Germany: What You Should Know About Them?

A few years back, people were less familiar with plagiarism due to the limited access of the mass to the content available. With time, people’s exposure to earlier information or restricted to the tendency to create duplicate content has also increased.  Plagiarism in Germany,is nothing unusual. But thanks to the strict and effective copyright laws […]

Plagiarism in Canada: Laws, Consequences and Solution

What Is Plagiarism? Plagiarism is unethical as it is an act of stealing intellectual properties. Nowadays, the global scenario of publication is undergoing a rapid change. Many writers prefer to publish their work on online platforms. It is leading to an increased case of plagiarism. Canada is a country where plagiarism and copyright infringement are […]

An Interview with Korey Kashmer of Kashmer Interactive

We are happy to work with many different companies using our plagiarism detection solution to improve their business. Many businesses are able to share insight into how anyone can improve their website and business, so we’d like to spotlight different companies to help you. 

Why Students Plagiarize

Plagiarizing work in school assignments is something that both teachers and students worry about. Learning why plagiarism happens can help prevent instances in the future. Read on for why it may happen in your classroom.