What Are Text Analysis APIs? How Do They Work?

New developments in technology have changed businesses across the world. Digitalization is gaining a lot of prominence, and to adapt to the changing standards, most companies have started doing their business online. The utility provided by various types of software online enable companies to track changes in demand and supply and in consumer trends and […]

How do APIs work? Here’s a Quick Guide?

What are APIs? One should know what APIs are before delving deeper into the question, how do APIs work? API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is software that helps the user and the application communicate. It is responsible for delivering the user’s response to the system and vice-versa. It works just like a messenger […]

Integrating a Plagiarism Detector API with Your Website

Smart working is considered more important and valuable than hard working in today’s world. People do not mind spending money on making daily routine streamlined and efficient rather than spending a lot of time doing the mundane task. Companies are improving and implementing modern machines and software to automate a lot of tasks, and use […]