Keep Your Readers Hooked With These Super Tips for Writing Magazine Articles

Most writers would dream of writing content for magazines because it is a kind of creative writing that differentiates itself from other types of writing for newspapers, books, journals, and websites. Nonetheless, magazine articles, within their landscape, have several subgenres, which ask for different styles and skills. For instance, writing an interesting story requires a […]

10 Easy Ways to Produce High-Quality Content in Blog Posts

Write High-Quality Content that can Fetch Readers The quintessential way to write high-quality content is to choose a topic of interest and value. Writers must do a high standard of research to create unique content and emphasize the presentation quality. Remember that even the best writing piece may be irrelevant if it has no reader. […]

Your Guide to Copyright Laws in India

Copyright is the legal right of the owner regarding intellectual property. In simpler terms, copyright provides the right to copy. Only those people can reuse the products to whom the original creators provide the individual right to reproduce the original material and give authorization. Copyright laws do not safeguard the ideas but express them. Indian […]

Anti-Plagiarism Software: Features, Uses and Benefits

Plagiarism is one of the most important issues that the educational community around the world is concerned about. It is unethical for a student to use somebody’s ideas or work, and pass them off as his or her own without citing the original source. The problem of plagiarism is not limited to education; instead, it […]

5 Ways an Assessment Checker Helps in Distance Learning

Assessment is essential for any type of learning. For lecturers or teachers, it is an integral part of education as the assessment helps attain the educational objectives by determining students’ progress through grades. Other than this, an assessment also assists in making decisions about the curriculum, placement, instructional needs, and advancement. Nevertheless, the qualification test […]

How to Use the Copyleaks Similarity Report?

When compared to other online plagiarism checkers, Copyleaks uses search algorithms supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to compare identical, paraphrased and similar text, and give a comprehensive similarity report to help the user learn, understand and avoid plagiarism. 5 Ways to Make Use of Copyleaks Similarity Report The similarity report provided by […]

Famous Cases of Plagiarism in Comics

Comics are one of the most preferred materials that most children and teenagers love to read and have fun. The attractive colors and overall presentation of the book makes them pleasant and entertaining to read. Though the first ever comic was published in 1933, it grew in popularity only in 1938. By the year 1940, […]

What Is Common Knowledge? Does It Help Avoid Plagiarism?

Plagiarism has become a widely known disciplinary offence today. Everyone who has undergone some kind of writing knows about content duplication, and how to avoid doing it. Using plagiarism checkers and providing proper citations will help you reduce the likeliness of your content being flagged for copied content. However, there are certain situations where a […]

Remote Learning: Super-effective Tips for Students

Remote learning or distance education is not a new concept in the field of education. Many homeschoolers and students who cannot afford to go to school daily prefer distance learning courses. Though the traditional distance learning courses were mostly, email-based the technology has allowed the students to attend the classes online. The online classes can […]