How to Write a Book Report

how to write a book report

For any middle school, high school, and college student, reading and then writing a book report is a tale as old as time. It’s a pretty easy formula-read the book then write about it. But how to write a book report is not always as cut and dry as it seems. Read on to write a great book report for your class.

Read and Think Critically

The first step to creating the best book report is following the directions of your teacher. Are you supposed to give a summary of the book? Are you supposed to find and demonstrate common themes throughout the story? Are you giving more insight into a character and their development? All of these questions are key to how you will read then read the book. In order to make the next step easier for yourself, highlight or add sticky notes to the points and quotes you want to come back to.

Write it Out

Now that you’ve done the hard part (yes, the reading is the hard part as long as you know what your report is about), you can map out the report you are hoping to write. Some people work best by putting their quotes as placeholders throughout the report and work backwards from there. Once you know the points you are including, it will be easier to write about and build your quotes and highlighted points into your thesis.

Check Your Quotes 

You’ve got the quotes from the book and maybe even sources and idea from other places. Before you hand the assignment in to your teacher, it is crucial to check that all your quotes have been referenced properly. Do a quick scan for plagiarism in order to be sure everything is identified using Copyleaks and receive the results of your scan immediately.

Writing your book report is easier than you think when you follow the steps to creating the ideal book report.


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