Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder

The Duplicate File Finder allows you to compare your own internal documents against each other from within your own internal network or directory in a safe and secure environment that does not expose your content to anyone else.

Easily locate similar files within your own database, automatically. If there is a need to find any duplicate files or know which ones have similarity to other documents within your database, the unique signature of each document will be created so you can later compare and search the documents against each other. Rather than a tedious process of trying to determine manually the similarity of documents, one at a time, this solution can be done automatically in a safe comparison environment, so your data is always secure.

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Reduce the size of storage in your database
Optimize search speed
Find duplicate content within your database
Compare 1 million documents within 24 hours
Guarantee document security
All internal document comparison needs

Safe & Secure

Our API compares internal documents against each other in a way that is safe and secure and will never expose your unique content to any other party, including Copyleaks. Using our technology, we are able to create an individual fingerprint for each document so every piece of content is able to be tracked for a unique comparison, without ever exposing the actual text. The text documents are individually converted to unique, secure fingerprints that can be identified within your system. Once the fingerprints have been created, they are then sent through the API into a private database that is routinely compared only against documents in that specific database. Everytime a new comparison takes place, our system will automatically notify you through an HTTP callback that we have found files with similar and nearly identical content.

Fast Upload & High Volume Capabilities

Comparing one million files within 24 hours is viable when you integrate the Duplicate File Finder. Our API is able to find traces of similar content within your own documents. Detect plagiarism in different documents in your internal network and remove those documents completely in order to free up more active space in your system. Find even small hints of plagiarized or similar text with our Internal Documents Comparison tool and eliminate the fear of having duplicate, irrelevant data in your platform.

With the ability to compare internal documents as necessary, you will never have to worry about finding content that is similar to documents you already have.

How we Scan?

Our Duplicate File Finder can scan text files that allows the text from each file to be extracted and compared in a simple action. With the API, you will receive HTTP callbacks with an identifier for each document.

Reduce storage size by locating and removing any duplicate files within your database or content management system. You will have an improved search speed and ease of navigating your database and individual files.

Who is it for?

This Duplicate File Finder is important for companies with high volumes of content that need to routinely be updated for the most current and relevant documents that will be used as a company-wide resource. The API has the ability to compare millions of documents against one another.

Law offices, data companies, security companies, and any company interested in keeping their content safe while reviewing their internal documents for duplicate content will be able to feel confident that their documents are safe with the Duplicate File Finder. As often as needed, you can add new documents into the database to then be compared against each individual document.

Comparing documents with the unique fingerprint keeps your data secure so only you are able to view the content that is similar using the API callback. The admin determines the amount of similarity that they would like to be shown so there is never unnecessary information or a false sense of duplicate content.

When there is similarity between multiple documents, you will be notified of the files in question and can choose to then see the exact comparisons and similar text using our API method. Sensitive materials require the most secure and safe environment when looking for similarity between thousands or even millions of documents. The Duplicate File Finder keeps your content safe in a private database that no one will have access to, while helping you discover duplicate or content that is no longer relevant in your system.