What is e-learning in education?

E-Learning in education is an essential aspect of today’s world. E-learning is defined as academic interactions that are conducted via the online medium. E-learning is also known by other names like online learning, computerized learning, distance learning, etc.

The central aspect of e-learning services is education beyond the boundaries of classrooms. E-learning helps students to gather knowledge and take part in live sessions from anywhere. Teachers and professors conduct live classes or show pre-recorded lectures. In the E-learning management system, live interactive classes are held where teachers grade students’ participation in the class and subsequent online assignments.


Advantages of E-Learning services

There are innumerable benefits of e-learning. E-learning solutions are skin to a boon for people who are enthusiastic about flexible educational programs. Hence, online courses are gaining precedence in the present era. Flexible timing is just one of the essential features of e-learning. Apart from that, students don’t have to worry about conveyance expenses, lodging and food bills, service charges, etc.

Advantages & benefits of Copyleaks e-learning services are apparent from the fact that this form of education saves time, energy, and money. Plagiarism in student assignments is also easier to detect in online programs because of our quick and accurate scanning services.

In e-learning, the recorded lectures can be revisited as often as required. Solutions to problems can also be gained almost immediately by contacting the instructor via the LMS platform. The repetition of the study material helps in better retention of information. It is observed that the retention level is higher in online learning than in traditional classroom learning.

The significant benefits of e-learning services are enlisted below, check them out to have a deeper understanding about its advantages:

  • Accessibility: The internet has broadened the horizons to a great degree. Students can ensure their educational development without worrying about moving to a different country to attend a course. With e-learning, people can take advantage of pursuing a course from anywhere. Physical presence is no longer a barrier for joining exciting classes as e-learning allows everyone to take part in educational programs without physically visiting an institute.
  • Mobility: The online courses are designed to ensure that people can learn and work simultaneously. Young learners prefer a customized routine where they can learn and do several other activities. Online learning helps in providing the present generation with much-needed mobility for designing their learning schedule. Hence, students can work or learn new skills while completing an educational degree/diploma.
  • Resource Scalability:The resources required for conducting courses in the traditional setup incur substantial expense. An instructor can communicate with a selected number of participants in a classroom setup. However, with e-learning, an erudite instructor can practically reach all interested students without a classroom.

Copyleaks E-Learning Services

The eLearning services are developed to help the generation of new learners and instructors so that they can create a seamless interactive educational experience. The focus is on personalizing the educational journey during online courses. Strategies and designs are built to promote customized e-learning.

Rich content is easy to create, but maintaining the originality of the content can be a challenge. But not with our services. That’s the reason why we have integrated with various LMS and have worked with different online educational program providers to prepare solutions that are inventive and interactive.

We know plagiarism or copied content is a complicated issue for the students nowadays. At times, they are not ones to blame also. But due to the absence of a good plagiarism checker, they suffer a loss. On the other hand, the educators, too, face a problem, as often they don’t have enough proof to catch the person who has copied content. Now, with us, face no such challenges. Get fast, and accurate results, with the help of our sophisticated technology.

How Can Copyleaks Help You?

If you want to work for innovative e-learning solutions, we are here to help you. We have integrated with various eLearning services to provide the best possible learning solution. We are keen to improve, and so we take our client’s challenges in a good stride. With us, you can easily check the uniqueness of your assignment from the various LMS platforms.


Copyleaks E-Learning Solutions

We have toiled continuously to create the best possible solutions that can aid your e-learning experience. Along with the eLearning service providers, we have worked equally hard to provide clients with the necessary infrastructure for building better online courses. The significant attributes of our services are enlisted below:

Features of University Plagiarism Checker


Accurate Result

We provide you with accurate results in real-time. Our sophisticated technology has AI support, and we also are supported by Machine Learning and other such technology. Hence, we can provide you with the complete plagiarism report, with all the sources from where the texts have been copied, or poorly paraphrased.

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Scan and Check Physical Copies

If you’re running late and don’t have much time in your hand, and you’re just left with the hard copy, don’t worry. Just click a photo of your paper and upload it to our checker, and the result will be there in your hand within a few minutes.

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Support all languages

Don’t worry if your text isn’t in English. We support 100+ languages, starting Bengali to Arabic, to French and Spanish. So, in whatever language your text is uploaded on Copyleaks, we will check the plagiarism percentage of the document for you.

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Compatible On Any Device

We ensure that you don’t leave a chance to check your document, so we have made it compatible with all devices.

API Integrated

If you want to have a routine scanning of your document, don’t worry, integrate your content with our API, and get it done

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Support all file formats

Be it a PDF file, an HTML, or a Doc file, you don’t have to worry much. Our tool supports all file formats

Apart from the audio and video plug-ins, there might be a few more plug-ins necessary for efficiently using the online learning platform. Download and install all the required plug-ins from the internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At Copyleaks, we support all these e-learning services, starting from Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, and Brightspace. So, if you are working on these platforms you don’t have to worry about the plagiarism check, as with our support you can do that with ease.

You can have real-time contact during live interactive sessions. You can also contact the professors/students via the eLearning platform. Communicating with instructors is easy through the online platforms.

You need the latest version of the browser that is supported by the LMS platform you are using .We highly recommend using Google Chrome for Copyleaks and the LTIs that Copyleaks supports.