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We can see that the world is moving towards e-learning. With time, reliance on the virtual platform is increasing. Educational institutes are using applications for streamlining the process of teaching-learning through the online medium. Blackboard is an application that has been developed for easing the process of online learning/teaching. We know that students and teachers use the virtual platform for educational purposes.

Our task is to ensure that assignments remain plagiarism-free. To support the virtual learning environment, we have developed an application that helps both the students and the teachers. Our team has efficiently prepared the Blackboard Plagiarism Checker suitable for checking assignments for plagiarism directly from Blackboard.

We have developed the Blackboard Plagiarism Checker to ensure that time is not wasted for scanning documents for plagiarism. With this useful application, you can find out plagiarized text in student assignments almost immediately. This ensures that quick feedback is given as per the plagiarism report.

Install Blackboard Plagiarism Checker Plugin

We have created a simple plugin for Blackboard users. This plugin will help you to check for plagiarism while using the Blackboard application. In the era of virtual learning, this is going to be your best aid. You don’t want to have plagiarized text in your assignments, so just install our plugin. We will provide you with complete plagiarism reports.

The similarity of words and passages are clearly documented in our detailed reports. You don’t have to sift through assignments to detect plagiarism. We are here to do that time-consuming work for you within seconds. Use our plugin and see the difference for yourself.

Copyleaks for Blackboard LMS

Textual content is a part of assignments submitted by students studying in schools and universities. Online courses also require the submission of student assignments. To detect plagiarism in such assignments is not a very easy task. Manual correction unnecessarily prolongs the process of checking written projects. We have developed a robust system for managing plagiarism issues on the virtual platform to solve this problem.

Our Blackboard Plagiarism Checker is adept at detecting plagiarism in any kind of content. Online educators and school teachers need to ascertain the uniqueness of the work submitted by a pupil. You don’t have to separately check the work for plagiarism because we have the Copyleaks Blackboard LMS. You don’t have to log out of Blackboard for correcting plagiarism in dissertations submitted by students.

Some of features of our Blackboard LTI

  1. Detection of content that has been paraphrased: Our application can check paraphrased content in a variety of languages. Our detection system includes Asian characters for checking paraphrased content in an academic paper.
  2. Accurate plagiarism report: A similarity report is generated after searching the text for text matches and similar words and copied passages against multiple online sources. We provide reports that have all the sources from where the text has been copied.
  3. Supporting an array of formats: Files are often saved in more than one format. You don’t have to convert a file into a particular format to engage the plagiarism detection process by our software. We have made our plagiarism checker competent enough to scan any kind of file format.

Educators using Blackboard applications have the ease of arranging the assignments submitted by the pupils according to topics/class into different folders. After checking the work for plagiarism, teachers can use the option to automatically grade the papers.

How Does Copyleaks Blackboard LMS Detect Plagiarism?

The student assignments that are submitted on Blackboard are smoothly checked for plagiarism with the Copyleaks plugin. Before the submission of dissertations, the instructor needs to create the assessment for enabling student submissions. The create assessment icon allows the educator to set the assignment for the students. Instructions to the students are provided under the Create Assignment option. Due date is often added to ensure timely submission of assignments. The teacher has the option to give an individual or group assignments through Blackboard. Points can be added under the grading section. The edit option is kept on to make necessary changes as per requirement.
Plagiarism checking comes under the submission guidelines. You have to allow submissions to check for duplicate content. Once you have clicked on the scan button, the papers’ scanning will be done when students submit the work. Students are also allowed to view the plagiarism report to make corrections and resubmit the paper. This option has to be enabled; otherwise, multiple submissions won’t be accepted. Our plagiarism checking software can be set up to attest to the submitted paper as a draft. This feature is specially designed to reduce students’ worry as it helps them rework their project and submit it again for the review. Hence, with Copyleaks Blackboard plagiarism checker, there is a fair scope to remove plagiarism from academic papers.

What is Blackboard?

In the modern learning environment, there is a palpable presence of virtual learning management systems. Virtual learning offers students and teachers to conduct classes flexibly. Modern classrooms are equipped with LMS. Blackboard is an effective LMS that aids in tracking classroom assignments given to students. It is an open-source platform. It helps in carrying out educational interactions and are carried out seamlessly through this interface.

To check for plagiarism, we have prepared the plagiarism checker for students. Copyleaks LTI seamlessly syncs with the Blackboard application, so users don’t need to install the software separately. With our plugin application, teachers don’t need to worry about plagiarism scanning. Our software automatically does that task when content is uploaded on the LMS platform.

Start using the Blackboard Plagiarism Checker and enjoy the superb support that we provide in the arena of plagiarism detection.

Other LMS platforms we support

We have not restricted ourselves to the Blackboard plagiarism checker. We know that the virtual learning field has many more learning interface applications. So we have also broadened our reach by developing plugins for other LMS platforms like Moodle, Canvas, and Brightspace. You can check out our plugins for other virtual learning platforms and select the plugin that suits you.

Other LMS platforms we support

Install The Blackboard Plagiarism Checker

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Copyleaks Blackboard LMS supports a wide array of languages, including the Asian characters.
Copyleaks checks a particular document against multiple sources available online, and then only generates a report. Hence, you can be 100% sure about the credibility and the authenticity of the report produced.
Yes, you can, as our plagiarism checker is competent enough to support files in varied different formats, including HTML, pdf, .text, .txt, and others. So, you can just upload your file without any confusion and get the result in no time.

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